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Anyone ever tried a PerfectPH inline or drop in auto pH adjuster from Torus hydro?


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I'm getting setup for my next grow with a 4 station undercurrent rwdc with a remote control res out of the tent. I grew some monsters in 7gal buckets but the twice a day ph checks and water adding was just too much work and on this big system, automatic would be nice. I was probably going to go with a bluelab controller and a ph down pump but then found this device which is also a lot less. Seems like it's been around for a while, the inline running off the water pump seems like a pretty easy integration if it actually works. It's 200 bucks for an inline 70gal edition vs probably 300+ easily for a bluelab and a pump so the cost savings seems good.

I could only find one review of a 3rd party resell on amazon from someone who bought it there (drop in to the res model) and it worked well for a good while but then cracked/leaked out the contents or something. I'd really love to hear if anyone has tried or know anyone who has?


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No, didn't order it. I sent an email asking for info from the company and got zero response. I found one thread on another forum where they were giving one away, but it looked like the thread died without anyone ever actually getting it or anyone really running a full grow off it. I found a bluelab auto ph doser used for about the same price and decided to just get that for now.

If you do get one or ever find any actual info and want to share it I'd love to know too!


I just thought I'd come back and follow up a bit on the ph perfect.
I ordered one several months back and it didn't work. I messaged the company through the website but got no response so I called. The problem was the ph dropped to 4.4 over the course of several days while I was out of town. I should say that I made the mistake of putting it in the reservoir and a day later leaving for a long weekend without verifying for myself it would work, that was pretty stupid. In any case the guy was real nice and after explaining what he thought the problem was sent me a replacement. Fast forward 5 weeks now and it seems to be working well. I didn't put it in right away cause I like my ph in the upper range for veg but when flowering started and my ph started dropping a bit I put it in and it's been stable at 5.7/5.8 which is what i like for flowering. I still have 8 weeks or so to go and this will be the real test. Every grow I have the problem of ph dropping significantly every couple of days making it hard to be away even overnight. If I can remember I'll drop in periodically and update for anyone that may find this thread in a search or whatever.
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