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anyone ever use bio-bizz nutes?


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Just started growing and I'm using soil/perlite mix. I'm using a soil which has pre nutes in it and lasts 4-5 weeks. I have purchased a trial pack of bio-bizz nutes for when my plants need them,bio-grow,bio-bloom and bio-top max. There is no directions on amounts to mix with water for feeding my babies. Hope someone out there has used this and can point me in the right direction,

Dusty :high-five:


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i use bio bizz soil and have never used anything else thou i have no dealings with their nute range, i have seen around the place that it works well,
am concerned about this prenuted soil?? this is real dangerous with mary as u dont know whats shes being fed daily via soil so nute problems will become an issue whats brand of soil?? and if u can go to bio bizz all mix soil asap


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I've read to mix 1ml of feed to every litre. My soil is john innes number 2, I raised them in john innes number 1. They seem to be doing fine,well except from 1. Think I may have potted on too early. They aren't 2 weeks old till Sunday.
This is the last 1 still in here cup,moving her tonight
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