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Anyone ever use toxin rid


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hello fellow smokers i was wondering if any has used toxin rid 1 day detox. I'm a weeked smoker and i'm subject to to random drug test with no notification and i seen this one day complete detox called toxin rid just wanted to know has anyone used it


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Like all the others, just a modern version of snake oil. They all rely on the dillution method. Could dump the contents of the bottle in the sink, fill it with water and experience the same outcome. Save your hard earned money and research dilution techniques to pass a UA.


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dont speak of what you dont know, i use toxin rid 5 day once a month for military test. i pass every time, follow everything step by step. it does work, and i smoke alot when im off duty. but another thing i work out daily, that helps push it out faster. but thc nevers gets more then 3 weeks built up in my system so i dont have that high of toxin exposure.


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I have to say Toxin Rid worked for me as well, I think one of the most important things with this detox is being honest about what kind of smoker you are, and buying the according kit. I smoke occasionally mostly on weekends but decided to be safe and bought the 10 day detox for extreme toxin exposure, I finished the detox 24 hours ago and bought a home drug test to see if it worked. After 5 minutes test clear read negative and I had passed the test.

I'm 22 years old 6'1" 180 lb with a pretty average metabolism, I had mono while I was detoxing so I was mostly just laying in bed, in other words no exercise. One thing I made sure to do while taking the detox was drink plenty of water and eat foods very high in fiber and protein. Also probably best to stay away from desserts while detoxing, or anything that is high fat and could impede the detox from getting to the thc stored in your fat cells.


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I've seen a lot of detox drinks with positive reviews but I'm still pretty doubtful if any of the work. If you look at 10-day toxin rid, you have to basically take 150 pills. Yeah, that's quite a lot of pills and if that doesn't cut it I don't know what does.

Myself, I used the 5-day just in case - it was more than 15 days since my last joint so I should have been fine - and I passed the test (I'm not sure how much the detox influenced the result but hey I'm not taking any chances). I found some good reviews of the 10 day in the toxin rid 10 day detox article, maybe that can help you get a better picture.

Most of the drinks I think are pretty much just to dilute your urine and will get you a pass if you are near the cutt-off of the tests. Toxin rid is a bit more thorough but it does take time - like 10 days if you're a heavy smoker and ok maybe 3 days if you just puffed a bit.

Hope this helps.


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Just did the Toxin Rid 10 day detox in September 2017. Quit smoking 4 days before beginning detox, then followed all instructions perfectly. Visited a sauna twice and followed a little to no fat diet. I'm 6'2" 205lbs and in decent shape. This product did not work. I was hesitant to spend nearly $200 on a detox product, and wish someone would've said to me...."DON'T DO IT"


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Toxin rid is a waste of money and a scam. They want you to buy the 10 day no matter what. So you buy it for 189 plus shipping if you want it fast. They want you to do the 10 day because most folks will clean on their own in 10 days. If you buy a 3 5 or 7 day they will say you need another one at your expense of course if you call and tell them you aren't clean. See how the money is made? The money back guarantee is pretty much a joke because the result has to be from the clinic not your home test. Well if you fail there goes your job so the money back doesn't help there. Not to mention by the time you buy the toxin rid, the shipping, and the drug test you are out a good chunk of change. I bought the 3 day because they claim its good for a moderate smoker. I'm pretty sure a few pinch hits a day is under moderate. The lack of reviews and the inability to leave a review of any kind should be a huge red flag. Unfortunately for me it wasn't. I haven't been for my test but I have failed every home test so far so there's that. Thankfully I had a month so by the time I do go I should be ok. save your money, stop ahead of time if you can and let nature take care of it for free. If only I could find a way to leave reviews for the world to see I would make it my mission to expose these guys for the scam that they are.
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