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Anyone grow with Ethos Seeds?


Didn't find much info on them so I decided to give them a try and start a full grow journal on it. Ended up grabbing citral glue r1. Stay tuned for the journal.


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Wow Citral Skunk. It has been a long damn time since I have heard that name. Never tried Ethos seeds. If they took the same time with their gentics as they did with packaging. They may just be a up and comer.

Not quite sure what a R-1 is though. The F's I know. Then there came S-1 strains. What's the down low on R-1's


R1- I think it has to do with "reversing" a plants sex, or a mothers or fathers sex which is then used for breeding. But to be honest, and I've taken Biology (for majors) courses in college and have been growing for 30+ years- and I still don't have a definitive answer for you. It could also be using pollen off a feminized plant (which would not have male chromosomes), where all the seeds produced would then all be females. I've search for an answer, and am still confused.


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That's what my guess was. I thought S-1 covered that but it really only covers selfed plants.

I actually asked a known breeder about that. Female to female of different strains is still a F-1 hybrid. Whats really funny is it is probably a F-2. The R stands for Redone LMAO.


Citral Glue was the first strain I did from Ethos a few years ago. It is well known to throw off male parts. It normally will happen between weeks 3-4 in flowering. It happens low on the plant off the main stem, where hormones tend to be at a higher concentration. Then, late in flowering they can happen anywhere. I got quite a few seeds overall, but the strain quality was very good.


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Genetics shouldn't hermie no matter how good they are. I do play around with Tahoe Og that has a occasional hermie. It is only at that 3 to 4 week time though. After that they are good. With so many great strains that don't hermie it isn't worth messing with ones that do.


Unfortunately, certain stains just have the tendency to do that. And there's really no way around it. Strains like Gorilla Glue and certain kushes have that tendency and there not much a breeder can do if he wants to use it for breeding. Sativa leaning strains tend to do it more than indica's, and plant stress tends to bring it out more- but certain strains it just happens. You can often bypass the hermies too by taking cuttings of the plant- and then flowering these instead. This will often quiet the hermie trait.......assuming the plant isn't stressed while flowering.


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I have to agree. There are hermie traits following a few of the great strains out there. My Tahoe is one. Yeah if you want kick ass weed you are going to have to deal with it sooner than later.

Like you mentioned. Thai and Kush hybrids tend to be more sepsetable.

It can be bred out in some cases. My mentor managed to get a hybrid that worked after dealing with a terrible Lavender strain from Soma. It was the worst hermie ever, even the males had hairs. The female with the least problems was bred to a very stable strain and it worked. I forget what he used. I grew out the hybrid with good results. No hermies and a great high. It just didn't produce much.

I went back and looked. The 2 strains he bred into Lavender were, Da Purps and Deep Purple. Both solid strains from the past. I grew the Da Purps one.

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Hold it!!!! They reverse a male to make it produce pistils like a female to make seeds? Never heard of such a thing. If they did do that it would be the opposite of Feminized. They would be seeds with all male genetics.

Found this with a web search, as hadn't heard the term and was curious.

S1’s are feminized; 99 percent of feminized seeds will be female. S1 and R1 are considered different. R1 is the equivalent of a feminized F1. F1 is the regular version

Guess I'm not seeing/understanding the difference between S1 and R1....... I'm confused ;) :19: .........As if you feminizing a seed you have to be selfing yes?


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S-1 is when you pollinate one clone to itself. When you use that same reversed pollen to make a hybrid it is still a F-1. That is straight from Mr Soul from Grimm. As much breeding as he has done I will take his word on that. Here is my thinking on it.

Reversed Clone x Same Clone S-1
Reversed Clone x Same Strain R-1
Reversed Clone x New Strain F-1

That has to be the way they see it. They could just making shit up these days which is always possible.

I have a example of this in seed form. Dinafem Critical seeds were grown out. The 2 best plants were regenerated. The frostiest one was crossed to itself and the earliest and biggest plant. The outcome is totally different. The selfed plant is now Juicy Fruit Critical. It is fruity and is covered in frost. It is not a big producer.

The other seeds finish earlier and don't have the flavor or the high of the JF. Both worth growing it just matters what you want. I covet the JF Critical. The breeder that made the seeds used all the early seeds and won't grow the JF. Production is so low he can't make money with it.
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