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Anyone growing Gelato?


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I just finished harvesting last week my Gelat.OG from Seedsman. Mine didn’t stretch much and wonder if it were due to training and lack of lollipopping my branches. It only grew 16” and yielded 70g of wet product, but had let it rest in the tent a bit before harvest, beautiful looking bud with a lavender like colouring to it. Smells sweet and a little flowery and so was the taste. It also hit me fast and hard. Took away my pain from my physio appointment I came back from and made me couch locked and sleepy. Fought it and lasted almost 4 hours after Vaping it with my Solo II device. Took a little more before bed and knocked me out for the night (that is saying something for a strain) Had lots of popcorn buds left on my girl and so I threw her outside under the sun in hopes of revegging itself, and after 5 days it already appears like it is working No pics on my phone but will try to post pics tonight when I get home from work of my harvest and revegging plant.


My small harvest
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