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Anyone growing Gelato?


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I just finished harvesting last week my Gelat.OG from Seedsman. Mine didn’t stretch much and wonder if it were due to training and lack of lollipopping my branches. It only grew 16” and yielded 70g of wet product, but had let it rest in the tent a bit before harvest, beautiful looking bud with a lavender like colouring to it. Smells sweet and a little flowery and so was the taste. It also hit me fast and hard. Took away my pain from my physio appointment I came back from and made me couch locked and sleepy. Fought it and lasted almost 4 hours after Vaping it with my Solo II device. Took a little more before bed and knocked me out for the night (that is saying something for a strain) Had lots of popcorn buds left on my girl and so I threw her outside under the sun in hopes of revegging itself, and after 5 days it already appears like it is working No pics on my phone but will try to post pics tonight when I get home from work of my harvest and revegging plant.


My small harvest
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I grew one of the freebie seedsman Gelato seeds just to see how it would grown in a 3G cloth pot. Without any modifications the plant is 4.5’ tall and very hardy. This is a picture at day 22 from the switch to 12/12. I have it growing in the middle of my tent surrounded by Blueberry Dream Haze so there wasn’t a lot of room anyway, thought I would just get to try the end product. I cannot get a shot of the entire plant because it is buried in a sea of blueberries. :ganjamon: Plant smells great btw, great luck with your grow!


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Here’s the bigger girl
Hola 007,

I've got a Gelato 33 that was gifted to me by a grower pal. Previously, my own grow experience has been with more sativa-dominant strains (Blue Dream, Green Crack, Super Silver Haze).

I've got an outdoor garden in Los Angeles with 8 lovely ladies including the Gelato. I usually harvest in early-to-mid October, but here it is just after Labor Day and my Gelato has trichomes in about the exact amber distribution as in your photos - which is usually the distribution I like in my other strains.

But everything I read about the strain says it's an October harvest for outdoor grows. Still, trichomes don't lie.

Thoughts? Any feedback is much appreciated.


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I’m still running clones I took of the gelato I harvested.

I put them outside back in May and uppotted from 3 to 5 gal fabric pots before they went into flower. I’m counting the week of August 19 as week 1. It’s probably more like week two but whatever bBoth are over 6 feet with the taller measuring 6’7”

I also have 3 jack herrer’s and they’re only 5’.



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I have a few Gelatos from crop king seeds growing outdoors. This is them beginning of August sometime. Kind of nervous because I’m in northern Ontario (Canada) and I’m running out of sun light and the temps are dipping pretty low at night. Nothing too special was put into them. Jus grocery store potting soil with some sheep manure. The tallest is over 6ft. It’s my first time growing photo periods here in the north. Not enough time damn it. Need to find a faster finisher or just stick with the autoflowers.
Hey, I know this is late, but here's my daily updated grow journal review for Gelato. Working on Part 5 for September right now. Vegging huge and starting flower next week.
Bought from Crop King.
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Nice! I can't wait for the hairs to start. Been vegging for this review for 5 months now. I'm actually working on September's article right now...someone stole the outdoor plants :(

1b is the clone from #1 in the articles. These are Sept 30


I dont recall gelato being a higher yield strain to be honest but it all depends on the breeder but Gelato is one of those higher thc/terpene strains perfect for making extracts. Im currently growing out a GelatOG from seedsman. She has been a touch temperemental but is definitely on the mend and should really produce well in the end. The OG part of it i believe will bump up the yields some hopefully.
How did it turn out?


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This is Lit Bro. I'm So ready to Focus on Growing Northern Lights, & Different Gelatos and Gorilla Glue
It ended up a lot more purple near the end that was about 2 weeks before chop. I'll try look for a pic of the bud on my insta
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