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Anyone heard of this strain


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hey everyone i got 2 questions hopefully you all can help me out.

1. Has anyone heard of a strain called werewolf? If yes anyone know where i can get it.

2. Second i wanted some recomendations on feminized seeds to grow for my 4th grow. what feminized strains are the best in your opinion. i have already done ice 200 and white widow
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Sorry...Never heard of werewolf. Sorry again...IMO there aren't any feminized seeds worth the price they charge for them. As easy as it is to clone I buy standard seeds and clone for multiple plants. I get the same result of female plants and spend a lot less. Plus I know my female plants are female and not from a hermie because my clones are only saved from plants that don't hermie and carry more of the traits I desire.
But if feminized are a good buy for you then whatever you have always felt like trying would work. I've always wanted to grow the strain called shit. That way I can tell everyone it's shit and mean it!:3:


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Thanks Racefan, I Just Dont Have Enough Room To Clone And Blah Blah Well Untill I Move Into My New House But Yeah. Thanks Again.
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