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Anyone heard of this


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strain called apollo 13

never heard of it myself and wanted to know if anyones smoked it or heard of it

input please thank you


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I have heard of it, I doubt many people have actualy smoked it. I used to have a pic of the strain apollo 11 and it was pretty much all trichs. It looked so tasty too, haha.:allgood:


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well that and some trainwreck is floatin around my way
i know trainwreck is some good shit but i had never heard of the apollo 13

which in yalls opinion would you pick up on...both about the same price 65 and 8th and 20 by the gram
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Apollo 11 yes, Apollo 13 no... maybe a cross between Ap11 and G13??? dunno


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I've not heard of this one or at least I don't recall the name!!!
I'll certainly have a good look for it in amsterdam when I go back in May
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