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Anyone Know a doctor?


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My wife and I both have our cards. She has an exemption that the doctor wrote out for "20 mature plants" because she has cancer.

I remember at one of the MMJ shows in L.A. in September ( I think it was HempCon) one doctor was willing to write recommendations for 50 plants.

Anyone know who this doctor was? I believe they were out of San Diego and made a point of stating that they charge more because they are willing to show up in court to back their recommendation. They were also calling it a growers permit (which is a crock).

I know the cops can bust you regardless if your over the county limit and they determine its not for personal use, however, having a piece of paper that states you can grow more than the limit is better than not having one, and gives me more piece of mind.

Maybe you can recommend another doctor who is liberal with their recommended amount and is willing to put it in writing.

We live in Socal but are willing to travel a bit to get this little piece of paper.
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