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Anyone that could help first time growin clones outdoors


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I have 20 clones, 15 are Elephant Purple 5 are OG Kush. Ive been keeping them indoors under a light for about a month after i got them from the club. Most of them are a foot tall now. Ive been turning the light off everyday for 12hrs getting them use to the light change. I transplanted them into 12 gallon containers with some great soil with nutrients, and put them outside. They have been outside for 3 days and its been great weather around 80-85. The first day i noticed the small leaves looked a little wilted on the top which i expected, now today the 3rd day the leaves look bleached white as is if they got sun burnt, not all of them but some.. is this normal? this is my first outdoor grow..
Anyone know if im doin somthin wrong??? Should i not keep them out in direct sun all day? should i put em out for 6 hrs a day in direct sun and bring em back in under a light for a couple weeks gettin them use to the sun?.. thanks again 420 magazine.





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Re: Anyone that could help first time growin clones outdoors.

It happend to me before an the plant died but it was just a runt. You gotta get it used to the sun. Have em under lights for few hours then put them in the sun the rest of the day. After a week they should be ready for full sunlight


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Indirect sunlight is best to get plants accustomed to being outside. Pick a spot that gets nice "Light", but is still in semi-shade and not scorching hot. Plants that are used to a nice cool grow room that get plopped into the heat with no transition time often bleach due to the fact that the sun's rays are just too intense for what the plant is able to handle.

I'd say pull off the affected leaves, and new growth should continue as the plant matures. Best of luck to you.
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