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Aphids indoors - Can I win this war?


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Hi everyone.

So I now have aphid in my grow room and it's spreading slowly, 1 plant at the time. Half the plants now have aphid.

So far all I could find are tricks to help control or repel them and most will only kill the actual aphids but not the eggs. So far I tried garlic solutions, pesticide soap, water spray and manual removal. Now I kind of feel like it is going to be a never ending war I will lose as soon as I give them some slack.

So are there real good ways to actually kill those things and win this war for good?

Thank you!


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Only thing you can do is be persistent. Continue doing it and you will win!
I would treat it like an infection, you want to keep everything clean, disinfect the space too.
You can also look for more professional made formulas, maybe it's time to buy an insecticide. There are safe bio made products too. Always dilute for the first application to see if it's safe for your plants.
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