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Aquasafe Canada R.O. Review


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Review of Aquasafe Canada Maximus II System.

This is Aquasafe basic level unit. She has 6 stages; 3 pre-filters, R.O membrane, De-ionization, and if anything gets thru that a final post carbon filter. I bought this unit for $130 plus FREE shipping from the Aquasafe Canada Ebay store. The unit arrived in a very timely fashion. I bought this midday on a Monday. Same week on Friday, the box was at my door. From Canada to NorCal.


This unit is very user friendly and was easy to set up. I have no pluming experience and had it up in running in an hour or so. The directions say to use some type of death clamps to attach the water intake and the brine drain but I would advise against it. It just seems too risky for your sink pluming. I attached mine to my hose outlet and ran a tube to the sink for the drain.





As far as performance goes she will take almost an hour to fill up the 4.4 gallon pressurized storage tank. My tank holds less than 3 gallons. She will take my 250+ ppm tap water and turn out super ultra-pure water with next to nothing 1< ppm.



The P.H of the permeate/clean water.


My overall rating of Aquasafe is OUTSTANDING. Great product, great price, super-fast shipping. Just be careful with the death clamps.






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Yes good points. According to their web site, change the filters every 12 months for 5 gal/day usage. My last unit from them I had for years and never changed a filter and my water was always at or near zero ppm, albeit was filtering 20ppm water. lol. For prices on eBay right now are 6 changes (18 filters) of the pre and post filters for $90 with shipping. Membrane is $50 with shipping. Prices and shipping fluctuate.


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I was looking around eBay, and if membrane and filters are of standard size, 90% sure that they are. You can get them way cheaper from other sellers on eBay.


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Just found out, If you flip the handle UP instead of down. The water flow will continue without the need to hold the handle. Make things easier.

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