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Are low life strains the same as low ryder strains?

Itz Joey

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Just wondering because it says auto flowering. Also I going to be new to growing think its possible yo grow in my apt wihtout anyone smelling.


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I've never heard of low Life strain .....unless you're talking about some cheap commercial mexican or some wild ,ditch weed hemp. .....Low ryder , I've heard of , but have no practical experience with. Anything that's worth growing is gonna smell , to my knowlege. :smokin:


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Yes, they are all crossed with lowryder. Although I have no personal expirence with them, i hear they take quiet a while to finish.As for smell, almost any type of bud you grow is going to smell to the high heavens, even the fruity strains.The only strain I know of that doesnt smell bad is fruitbowl by sunshine seeds(no longer around), but i'm almost postive im wrong on that, hopefully some1 else can chime in on low ordor strains.What your going to need is a carbon filter(theres some nice d.i.y if you do a quick google search) or some ona gel(not good with strong smelling strains). Hope this helps a bit.

Herb Fellow

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I have grown lowryder and yes, the smell is strong.
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