Are my girls ready for harvest or not?

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Hello friends, this will be my first ever harvest and I'm getting some mixed opinions from the people I live with that it still needs at least a month. These plants are from bag seeds so I don't know the strain or genetics[sativa or indica], so If you have opinions on that they are all welcomed. So my main questions are what's the strain, genetics and am I ready to harvest or still give it some time? I have some cool closeup photos of the trichomes to help you guys help me decide on whether to harvest or not. Thanks to all and all opinions are greatly appreciated and welcomed.







First hey wutz up.....second beautiful pics, that's some nice looking bud. As for the question if it were me I would wait a bit longer until some of the cloudy trichs you have start to turn amber as that's one of your first signs of full maturity...
Hey Ptown, She has very pretty buds, well done! But as @HappyHazmat88 pointed out above, she is definitely not ready for harvest. If it was me, I'd want to wait for the pistils to whither and turn brown (they are all too young currently), and for the trichomes to turn cloudy with ideally a small percentage of amber.

How long to wait? At least a couple of weeks or so minimum, and then review again. But that's just my 2 cents!
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