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Are my ladies actually ladyboys?


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Hi, First time poster here. I've got a little hydro setup in a wardrobe and I've just set them to flowering. I'm not sure if one of them is turning hermaphrodite or if it's normal. I was wondering if there's some experts that could take a look?


Set up:
2 x 300w LED 4 phase cheapos
Autopot with perlite/vermi mix
Hawaiian Skunk Haze freebies

I've got a bit of light leakage during the night period - I've just read elsewhere that this can trigger hermis - is this correct? I imagined a little bit of night light would have no effect.



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So what's my course of action here? Rip up immediately? Leave for a bit? I'll probably QWISO it so the longer the better, but I don't want to put the other ladies at risk. Thanks.
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