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Are my ladies actually ladyboys?


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Hi, First time poster here. I've got a little hydro setup in a wardrobe and I've just set them to flowering. I'm not sure if one of them is turning hermaphrodite or if it's normal. I was wondering if there's some experts that could take a look?

Set up:
2 x 300w LED 4 phase cheapos
Autopot with perlite/vermi mix
Hawaiian Skunk Haze freebies

I've got a bit of light leakage during the night period - I've just read elsewhere that this can trigger hermis - is this correct? I imagined a little bit of night light would have no effect.



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So what's my course of action here? Rip up immediately? Leave for a bit? I'll probably QWISO it so the longer the better, but I don't want to put the other ladies at risk. Thanks.


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I will agree with Antics if you are very diligent in removing ALL the male pollen sacs, it may take up to 30 minutes per plant to inspect them as some of the sacs may be very small and easily missed. If you do not have the time then I would say chop it down.
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