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are my plants going to make it ? am i to late to ask for help ?


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Hi everyone....I hope i didnt wait to long to ask for help but here i am , Please any help diagnoseing the problem and advise on treatment is very appreciated as i feel im running out of time to figure it out on my own.. I've been all over the forums and read alot of great info but it could be this or could be that to my novice eye so i'll try to explain my situation as best i can and maybe you can help me save my girls... I'm trying to post pictures here but they are in my member photos if I cant figure it out quick enough, I will learn to navigate the site better with time :)

At the beginning of July I had 17 baby plants donatated to me by a friend of a friend,I was told some are clones some from seed and they were miss labeled or not labeled at all by helpers at a co-op so im not sure what strain they really are but I ended up with 7 girls so I thank them big time.

Problem : Leaves turning yellow and falling off,yellowing starts with the big sun leaves and moves up the branches up,the leaves are soft not hard and crispy..some are twisted or curled on tip. pretty soon all the leaves will be gone.

Strains :some were labeled PowerSkunk...LSG...DeadHead OG...Violator some weren't labeled at all

Medium : FoxFarms Oceanforest and HappyFrog mixed 2 to 1.... 4 plants in containers and 3 in the ground...I built some redwood containers on castors they hold 3 cubic ft of soil and two 20x17 pots...

PH :I dont know.

Weather : daytime temps = 85-100 degrees.. has been pretty windy lately with gusts up to 20-25..sunrise=6:45 sunset 7:10

Water : 1 time a day 1/2 to 1 gallon of tap water through a Britta water filter per plant, a small amount drips out the bottom,I Feed every other watering

Nutrients : FoxFarm Bigbloom,Growbig,Tigerbloom,Blackstrap molasses...
Veg..per gallon of h2o = 3tbl Bigbloom,3tsp Growbig,1tsp Molasses
Flower..3tsp Bigbloom,2tsp Growbig,2tsp Tigerbloom,1tsp Molasses

Stage : Flowering, I think around 3 -4 weeks into flowering...but they all seem to be at a differant stage..

Pests : I have hand picked a few Budworms off and have removed a small amount of webs (spidermites ?) from around the stalk of a couple of the plants and some Whiteflies and a few Leafminers...can i still put them in a green house and bug bomb them ?

I did the Veg stage with the directions on the back of the FF nutrient bottles = Per Gal..4Tbls of Bigbloom..3tsp of Growbig..,they seemed to like it but just before they started showing flowers the leaves started getting yellow and falling off,I tried several things to stop this incuding adding 1tsp of molasses per watering,then supplimented some Fish emulsion (5.1.1.) that didnt help, then backing of on the nutes and watering,it still continues to yellow... if I did this right here's some picts of some of the damage

When I started the Bloom nutes I added Tigerbloom , I looked at the FF feeding scheduel online and it had differant directions then whats on the bottles so i cut back to the amounts of All nutes according to online FF Feeding scheduel= 3tsp Bigbloom,2tsp Growbig,2tsp Tigerbloom plus 1tsp Molasses and the problem still continues...
I have tried what i could and hope i didnt wait to long to ask for help..Tnx a million for any help...if I did this right here's some picts of some of the damage and what stage some of the buds look like as this may help diagnose and solve the problem,,, again I really appreciate any help rendered :13:


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Your plants look extremely healthy. I wouldn't worry about the yellowing fan leaves. As Cannabis plants mature, the fan leaves will naturally start to lighten, then yellow and eventually crisp up and die off. This is one sign your plants are reaching the last quarter of maturity, and are using up stored nutrients within itself. If this is not the case and your plants still have some time left to flower, you may just need to feed them some nitrogen, or give them a feeding or two of theVeg nutes you used as these will contain enough N to keep your remaining leaves from yellowing.
Hope this helps.


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Hi kraw420...tnx ! :icon_cool I think they have stabilized a bit and you are correct that some of them are later in their bud stage but some of the others are much earlier in flowering and within two weeks almost all the fan leaves fell off, more so then I have seen before in other grows. I've changed up the watering and nute's and am fighting the pest's off...going to start a grow journal and that should keep my grow updated...Cheers !!


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If your leaves are twisted up it could be a ph problem. I would invest in a ph meter.

It looks like a nitrogen deficiency, but without knowing ph I can't tell you how to fix it. It could be as easy as feeding more N, but it sounds like you have been on top of Nutes. If your ph is off, it could be causing a nitrogen lockout, which seems to be the culprit to me.


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Tnx Flyinhigh :) I think your right, im going to get a tester, i need to know those things and I was wondering myself about ph and a nute lock-out. some of the plants are in containers and get feed every other day, wouldn't that be conducive to a build up of salts creating a lockout ?? I never really flushed them when I switched to bloom nutes,just a little extra water and no nutes for 2 days,( maybe part of the problem ?) 1 of the girls is starting to get a few cloudy trichomes would a flush even be beneficial at this point ?... well anyway I boosted the nutes up just a bit and started giving a little extra water in the evening they seemed to stabilize but then some of them pretty much lost all of the sun leaves already lol... anyway thanks for having a look :peace:
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