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are my seedlings dead?


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Strain - Supergirl from nirvana feminized seed
# of Plants - 3
Grow Type - Soil
Grow Stage - seedling
Bucket Size - jiffy peat pellets
Lights - (2) 400 Watt MH
Nutrients - none

Room Temperature -probiblly too hot
Room Square Footage - 4' x 2
Pests - None Known

Problem: i germanated 3 supergirl seeds from Nirvana. all of them grew a root. i planted them on the 2 day all of them grew true leaves by the 4th day. on day 5 (today) they looked very good and strong. when i cam back from work i checked on tehm. 2 seedlings had collasped, just fell over, they look dead. Are they? will they come baack? what should i do? could it be that it was too hot. i bought a thermometer today but its probibly too late
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