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Are Nutes Necessary?


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I planted about three weeks ago. They are about a foot and a half tall and bushy, very bushy. They look fantastic do I need nute to complete the grow? They are in Miricle Grow Moisture Control soil in 5 gal pails, under a 400wt MH. I am going to start flowering them this week. When I flower they will go 12/12 under an 400wt HPS.

IF I need Nutes what are the sugestions?

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The plants will finish without nutes, just not very well. . . The soil will get depleted, so nutes are the wat to go. . . FoxFarm's nutes are fav's. .
Big Bloom Liquid Plant Food Natural and Organic Blossom Builder is a good one for flowering. . . Check out some of our sponsors for others. . .

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So you are using 400w HID systems but you fail to see a need for nutrients? Along with proper lighting food is a very important thing to provide. If you neglect feeding them, all the high powered lights in the world will not make them bud prolifically.

Fish emulsion will work great for veg. Tomato ferts. high in Phosphrus (second number) are well suited for flowering. Both of these items can be found at a local garden store/center and will not raise any suspiscion upon purchase. Any type of plant food is better than none.
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