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Are red-purple stems normal in seedlings?


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Strain - Sage-n-sour
# of Plants - 1
Grow Type - Soil
Grow Stage - Seedling/Veg
Bucket Size - 8in. standard pot
Lights - (3) 23w and (2) 14w fluorescents
Nutrients - none yet (what ever is in Miracle Grow potting mix)
Medium - 25%Perlite, 75% Miracle Grow potting mix
PPM - no idea
PH - no idea
RH - 45%
Room Temperature - 80ish
Solution Temperature - 70ish
Square Footage - 3.5'l x 3.5'w x 3.5'h
Pests - None Known

Problem: I'm growing from seed, currently about 20 days from when the seed shell first cracked open. She (hopefully) looks great so far, just starting her third leaf-set. On day 18 I noticed a very small amout of that reddish-purple stem discoloration you sometimes see. By day 20 (today) the discoloration has traveled up the whole main stem and is now starting to show up on the base of the leaf-set stems.

I know this can be an indication of a nitrogen or phosphorous deficiency, but I didn't think that would happen this early in the plants life.

Should I start fertilizing already? or could this be a sign of something else? or should I just relax and let her go for another little while before changing anything?

Thanks in advance for any and all advice i can get!!

BTW I'm brand new on this site and think it's an amazing resource. Absolutely huge knowlege base. Awesome site!



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MG can be good and bad... Time release nutes make things more complicated and hard to give you a proper diagnosis. I would never add nutes on top of MG soil. You never know what you're gonna get. MG soil has a tendency to be too hot for seedlings; however, some people have no issues with it at all... That is why I dislike MG so much. It's too unpredictable.


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Thanks Greenthumb422!

I'm pretty much a first timer. Tried growing some bag seed about 10 years ago, but really had no idea how to do it right. I've done a whole lot of reading and research since then and think i can do it right this time. I hope so any way...lol

Thanks for the reply!
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