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Are Texans Wanting Medical Marijuana?


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Hey every body,

Have you heard the news Obama is not focusing efforts on prosecuting medical marijuana users. The only good thing he has done for this country so far.
I would like every body to help me to take action in getting Texas Legislation to pass the medical marijuana bill.

This link will show you how to take action. You have several options
Take Action

This link is a prewritten letter to Texas Legislators
Remember you forward this to your friends and family or anybody you know who will support it.


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hell yes we want medical marijuana


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Yes legalize it. Due to the fact there is sick people who really need medical marijuana to make them relax and calm


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I will say I smoke Marijuana because it helps me to calm down and relaxe. About 2 years ago I never smoked marijuana then my wifes family came to visit from Cali with some good stuff even some THC cookies. From the first time I smoked it I felt different I went to the mall which I couldn't do before, I have PTSD from serving in Iraq and smoking marijuana takes away my built up anger and anxiety so I am all for legalizing it in Tx.


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Live in Dallas. Been waiting for 40 years for it to be legal. Can I help?


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We shouldn't just be settling for decrim on a state level cause the feds have a bad habit of raiding legitimate dispenseries. As Texans we should be demanding a full federal legalization and be willing to withdraw from the union to get it. On a personal level I am tired of our border towns being a playground for mexican drug cartels! Done got all riled up, better go roll one up.


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Lets face it, legal weed has its opponents. They might be your mom, dad, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Talk with them about why they oppose making it legal and explain the benefits cause you know they vote even if you don't. It may be awkward (especially if they don't know you smoke) but trust me, it's worth it. I have made skeptics into activists and atleast rattled the cage of a few hard-line anti-drug uneducated-know it alls. You just gotta hit em where it hurts, their pocket book. Explain how the federal government is using their tax dollars to fight a war on cannabis that can't be won. Throw a few figures in there like the 80 billion dollars needlessly spent annualy and how meth, herion and cocaine use is still on the rise. It's amazing how many people don't know the difference between a hard drug and a soft drug but still vote for anti-drug pollitical campains. Make marajuana legal one opinion at a time.


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I'd love to see it in Texas. I've been living here for 5 years now and can't find my medicine anywhere. There have been a few occasions where I could get it but they've all dried up. I just got back from visiting Colorado where we voted to legalize it back in 2000. It took 10 years for it to actually take effect but the place is a paradise now. Dispensaries everywhere! I wish I lived back there again but I have to be out here for work.
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This Texan is ready for open-grow, but for now if it's only legalized for medicinal purposes then that means dispensaries that'll already be in place for when recreational use is legalized. I don't see it being very much longer. It needs to be put on the ballot instead of decided by a congress of old farts set in their ways. Oh well, they're on their way out.
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