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Are these ladies ready for harvest?


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Plants will be used for medical purposes.
I've been reading: trichomes 25% amber, pistils 75% amber, brown.
When I look at my plants only a small amount of the pistils are brown, but most of the pistils are still white.
But when I look at the trichomes, many have already turned amber.
So I'm very confused now, here are some pics, are they ready to harvest?

First time, so any help is greatly appreciated.

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Richard Richardson

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They are not ready yet, her calyxes still have to swell up until they look like there are seeds in them.

Trichome color is only one factor. Also, it depends on whereabouts on the plant you are checking.

Checking trichome colour lower down, in a shaded part of the plant, is more accurate than anywhere on top.

Different parts of the plant will mature at different times, check daily for signs of bud rot (grey mold).

Whenever the buds/calyxes have swollen and she loses vigour, then she will be ready to chop.


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Looking nice may I say bro :) in my understanding in certain strains the pistils will stay mostly white, thus is why many people only use the changing pistils colour as only a guide and when to start checking trics. Now I know you said you wanted it for medical reasons and im not sure which is better mostly creamy trics or mostly amber. But in regards to if it's ready to harvest I'd say yes bro. I hope I have been somewhat helpful but please double check what I have said as I am on my first grow too :) and all is scondary knowledge from here and other forums.
Peace Love and Respect.

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Seaweed Farms

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It differs from strain to strain but like the first post said, you want to wait until the caylxes swell up then start looking for 80% cloudy and 20% amber. <--- that would be my preference anyways.

It's totally up to you, when you see like half and half cloudy to clear on the buds, you can expect a really head buzzy high that doesn't last super long (my sour d is at this stage and it was like a punch in the face with the head buzz.) Mostly cloudy (like no clear, barely any amber) is where a lot of guides say to harvest because it's the peak THC content, but you may want to wait because the Amber trics will compliment that high THC dose with some CBN I believe. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. But basically it will add a relaxation factor to your high.

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