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Are these looking close to harvest yet?

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Please advise. My first grow. Three Spiritual Pink. Outdoors, Canada, raised beds with just lots of compost. Are these looking close to harvest? I tried looking at trichomes under a magnifying glass and they look like sugar crystals to me. They look more cloudy than clear I think, but hard to tell really. They have really become strong in smell. Advise would be really appreciated. I really don't know what I'm doing.

Hope the pics worked!
They're getting there. The pistils are still mostly looking pretty young and fresh. If you can get a powerful hand lens (jeweler's loupe) and check to see if the trichomes have gotten cloudy yet, that's the standard way of checking.


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Thankyou. The weather here is still ok for the next couple of weeks ( cool at night, warm during the day, as we are into fall now), and the forecast calls for more of the same, so I'm sure I can do 2 more weeks. I hope that will be enough, as it usually gets near frost by Halloween. I'm in Southern Ontario. I started these from seed last April. We had a good summer with lots of sun, and plenty of rain. A good year for the garden. So we are quite over the 110 days to harvest as advertised. I hope they can make it.
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That article on weed strain names was very interesting. Perhaps harvest dates, weather, latitude, and planting conditions will also play a huge role in the effects strains have. It will be fascinating to see how this will be sorted for medical purposes. Though I hope big pharma stays out of it.
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Hope so. Here's Canada Guy's post from his backyard in Alberta on October 2nd

Well now, that's just sad.
We aren't quite like the Praries here, thank goodness.
After ALL summer with these, it would be nice to get a harvest.
Perhaps I should be considering auto flowering?
I think 3 plants was way to much too ( considering mine and my husband's needs). Maybe next year I'll just try one of another strain. I have quite a few seeds. I amkeeping them in the refrigerator with silica gel packs: I'm hoping they last years!
> Perhaps I should be considering auto flowering?
They do get right to it, starting to flower at about week 4 no matter what (so do take really good care of them during that first three weeks, because you can't just extend the vegetative growth period to make up for goofs, though I guess that's not really a factor growing outdoors...)

> I think 3 plants was way to much too
Better too much than not enough. ;) I know what you mean, though. I'd like to do another grow just for fun, but I'm set for a long time.

> I am keeping them in the refrigerator with silica gel packs: I'm hoping they last years!
My understanding is that they should last if kept cool and dry.