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Are these male flowers mature?


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Hello again,

I found what seem to be male flowers on this here plant. Do you think they are mature enough to give pollen? I found another one that was much larger a week ago, but all the rest are small like this....

This is one on the end of my finger

This is one on the plant

Here is the plant. She is a Dr Grinspoon. Great smoke. The last one did not have the male flowers but I stressed this one out a little.. .


We are outside because I live in Oregon!!!

Thank you for any input!



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Definitely nanners brother, just found a couple on my white cookies...don't know why they popped up. My plants have been very healthy and happy the whole way...all I can say is keep a close eye out and pluck those suckers very carefully.


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So I just harvested this gal and there are no signs of seeds anywhere. I am not 100% sure, but I pinched and squeezed a bunch of these buds expecting to find clumps of seeds. I did not find one seed....

I had an Afghan right next to this in the flowering room and I noticed one day that it also formed small yellow male flowers. It was very obvious when these seeds begin to form. I cut that sucker down right away because it was not a very healthy plant to begin with.

Is it typical to have male flowers and not end up with seeds?

The Dr. Grinspoon:
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