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Are these spider mites? closeup pics


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So after noticing massive leaf damage that spread like wildfire, I started looking at everything under my 400x digital microscope. Here's a pic of what the leaves look like, starting at the bottom of the plant and moving upwards:


While I haven't seen anything crawling around on any leaves, when I put the microscope in the soil, or on the pot tray, I see tons of these little opaque/clear/white bugs crawling around. Neem oil doesn't touch them, they swim around in it like a bath. So i sprayed/watered like hell with a strong Spinosad mixture (3 ounces per gal). Tons of them dead in the tray today..

Here's what they look like under the microscope:

Are these spider mites? There has been NO webbing on my plants. I've already thrown one out and all of them are showing signs of infection.


Edit: I think I posted this in the wrong section, sorry!


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More clear pictures please. But, you can identify them by their numbers and patterns of those marks. One female can lay up to 20 eggs per day and can live for 2 to 4 weeks, laying hundreds of eggs. This accelerated reproductive rate allows spider mite populations to adapt quickly to resist pesticides, so chemical control methods can become somewhat ineffectual when the same pesticide is used over a prolonged period.


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No, not spider mites.....there would be a gazillion clear round eggs on the underside as well and the tell tale micro white dots on the topsides.

I vote thrip or similar but doubtful those are mites.

1 type of Mite has two distinct black dots visible inside the body the others are red
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