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Are we there yet?


I see a lot of clear/white trichomes. How much longer????????



Re: Are we there yet???

What strain is it?
What effect are you looking for?
Are you checking trichomes on the sugar leaves or the buds?
What are you using to check trichomes?

I was told that the short bushy one is a hybrid, indica dominate. the other one I have no idea why strait it is. I want a head high, not a lazy high and I am using a jewelers eye to look at them. I was looking at the leaves. Is that what I am suppose to be looking at?? This is my first time. I have one plant that is tall, light green and lanky they other is short, bushy and dark green. I'll post pics of them. Thanks for advise.


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Re: Are we there yet???

For a head high you want to go with mostly cloudy, and very few clear, very few amber. The Sativa will be much more energetic, but the Indica I've had harvested with mostly clear was still a decent head high, but with a nice indica stone feeling.

Look directly on the bud itself, you want to look on the small green calyxes. Leaves are high in chlorophyll and are removed before smoking. Trichomes can also mature at VERY different rates on leaves vs. on the bud itself. A strain I just harvested has 50% amber on the leaves, and just barely starting to see 1% amber on the calyxes.

A 30x magnifier is usually the most suggested magnification, but anything between 30x and 60x will work. Beyond that and it tends to magnify too small of an area for my preferences.
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