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Are you a good cook?


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Quoting from my grow journal.

Just like i mention in my introduction post,
I am great cook, and like every great cook, you have to try your prepared dish a couple of times during the process. So i tried to resist the urge, not to try... just like every time i grow a new strain - the urge of trying just a little, smallest nugget... not even nugget, peas more like, to see if we are going in a good direction, will i like it? will friends like it? will it be sweet, easy going silky smoke? The start is the most important thing... the most interesting for me :)
Love it, when you smoke from a small pipe or micro water bong, You sit, and start wondering am i feeling something? was it that weak? so you start rolling joint, or take some bigger bong and load it with bigger nugget - you are just about to hit it, and you realize you have been knocked-out just in that exactly moment. You have to decide what are you going to do now smoke some more? or decide to pass :) choices... choices...
When you say no! you know its going to be good :)
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