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Are you a grower? Or a farmer?


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What IS the difference between a 'grower' and a 'farmer'?
Is there a difference?

In brief, yes. But what makes the difference is between the ears of the cannabis caretaker. It is the mind-set of person doing the growing.

A GROWER is someone who takes great pride in her product. She finds just the right plant. She looks for great taste, pretty flower (color), pops five seeds and keeps two of the best to go into her pots. If one of the plants looks a little off, she finds out why and makes micro adjustments. Her heart swells when a friend tastes her product and exclaims "this is the bomb - good job."

A FARMER is also someone who takes great pride in his product. He finds the strongest mother he can and takes 150 cuttings and keeps the best 120. If there is one or two plants that are struggling - he takes them out and puts them in the recycle bin. He looks for heavy production; weight. He also looks for high THC content: 20% or better. He wants a room full of a genetic that is easy to grow and can be vegged in two weeks and harvested at eight weeks. Secondary is smell and taste. His heart swells when his boss says; "You got 1.7 grams per watt and 22% THC - we got top dollar for that run. I'm giving you a four figure bonus and a week off with pay to spend it. Good job, keep it up."

I have noticed, especially in forums, that when two people who grow get to talking and disagreeing it is often because of where they are coming from. One is a grower, one is a farmer.

There are hybrids of course, and mixtures.
I myself am about 80% farmer and 20% grower.
I've never been rich enough to be able to afford being a hobbyist.

So, how about you?
Are you a grower? or a farmer?

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I’ve been both. I prefer when my living doesn’t depend on my harvest, it takes the fun out of maintenance and getting stinky and sticky.
I like having less stress, sharing what I grow (and cook, press, extract) and growing strains that aren’t just meant for bulk. I like knowing how to do both but prefer doing what I enjoy with no pressure.
70% grower, 30% farmer.
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I’d say I’m probably 70% grower 30% farmer, because I only grow for me not to sell, I mean let friends try but,I want to b the best, I love my plants lol but I smoke ALOT, that’s where the farmer 30% comes in :Rasta:


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A farmer owns a farm or manages a farm.
So, if I manage a licensed, indoor commercial 24 light grow ... I am a farmer?
My boss wants to see PROFIT. He doesn't have a clue how to grow a plant. He hires people who do so he can make money.
That's a farm.
No love ... just profit. But, that's HIM.

Me? I can dig the profit motive .. I am a capitalist.
But, I take pride in my work product; I want to be able to put my name on it.
And, I am told by the people I work with (and buyers) that my nickname with them is "Mr. Sticky".

And, the 20% of me who is a grower is proud of that.
The product that rolls out of my rooms is sold before it's even trimmed.


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By the USDA regs then I'd be a farmer for sure and live in an AG district and pay AG taxes for our land but since my produce is not regulated by the government I actually pay 2x the tax that my farmer neighbor pays for growing hay or alfalfa or corn laced with Glyphosate poisoning our water, our air and our food.

I'm all organic. No herbicides no pesticides and no chemical fertilizers and definitely no GMO seed and We are zero or less than zero carbon footprint.

When do we get equal treatment same as a "conventional" farmer?


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I'm more of a grower than farmer.
My wife and I both smoke. We've been going threw 1 ounce a week and it's getting to expensive.
So I decide to grow. But I didn't expect to fall in love with the growing part.
Neither. I'm a pothead that's tired of extortionate pricing.
The first plants I ever grew (closet) was in response to the US Gov't spraying herbicide on pot farms in Mexico. Paraquat. The Mexican farmer would see the plane flying over and spraying - and he'd harvest. While wet. And ship it to the US for us to smoke.
I was working in a hospital at the time as a Surgical Tech and one of the docs heard me coughing (I also smoked tobacco at the time) and she pitched me on 1) quitting the tobacco and 2) growing my own weed.
I took her advice on both counts. And I'm glad I did.
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