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Are you planning on smoking your intire life?


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It seems like most people blaze the most when they are kids/teenagers/new adults. Seems like eventually everyone has a reason for slowing quiting hitting the green.

I plan on smoking for my intire life, it brings me so, so much. It's beyond a blessing to have it, its just unfortunate it has the reputation it does. I am a stoner at this moment in my life, I wake up and blaze untill I go to bed unless I am with family, working or just busy. But will I always be? Will I slowly stop blazing and eventually quit like everyone else? Perceptions change you know.. In 10 years I could hate marijuana. I got a small pot leaf tattooed in my sleeve so I would always remember how much it meant to me, but I got small enough to where I could cover it if I ever stop blazing. I always worry to about when I'm older that I might not really know people that blaze at my age, like I do now. I wouldn't be able to blaze with freinds. Kinda scares me...

So are you guys planning on smoking for life, or just untill you feel like finally letting it go for family or what have you?? I dont feel like marijuana should be hidden from a family. Shit its always been used in familys untill our stupid gvmt started to take over. Think about the indians and everyone who didnt have the "bible" or the goverment to control how people think. I wanna make a culture where marijuana is normal even in family settings If anything marijuana would bring me closer to my family. Hopefully I marry a girl that blazes one day, and she keeps me on track. I wanna have a house kinda in the country so maybe I can grow for the rest of my life indoors and out. Fuck why not?

So....how long do you plan on smokin?? Tell me 'for life' guys!!!

City Indian

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I don't plan anything that far ahead...But since I just got my rx I don't see myself quiting any time soon...


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38 years and counting...........Does that count as a lifetime ? :laugh2: I'll stop when they pry the bowl from my cold , dead fingers ! :laugh2: :peace:


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Yeah, I can't say anything for sure that far ahead, but right now I see no reason not to smoke for the rest of my life.

I think most people get older and get more responsibilities, careers and families and all that fun stuff that takes away from the time they can smoke, plus like you said, they lose touch with people who smoke and can't get it anymore. But I'm going to start growing here pretty soon, so hopefully that won't happen :3:

Jim Finnel

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i'm 53, been smokin' since i was 13 minus a couple of my bible toten years. if it works don't fix it.

and now its medicine to me. one of the only ones that help without causing me additional health problems. i have liver disease and how many meds do you know of that don't harm the liver?

Smokin Moose

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I plan on smoking as long as I can. Keeps the nightmares at bay. And when I pass, I have asked my partner to put some buds in when they cremate me. I always wanted to go out in a puff of smoke.

The Mad Toker

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Not sure for life but I dont see myself quitting anytime soon. Hell I wanted to be a cop for the longest time but thats not going to happen unless things change in the government drastically. If anything cannabis has brought me closer to the things I have been interestred in ever since I was a little kid. Mostly science & history. So now I am distraught on what I want to study in university when I get money together to go but right now things are leaning towards cultural studies & anthropology.


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I remember sitting in a small, dark apt. during college doing... well you know! thinking "I wish to be engaged in this activity for the rest of my life", well that was ten plus yeas ago and I'm still hitting the bong. I smoke less, work more and have a much harder time w/ connections but have not abandoned the green life. I also happen to have a chronic pain disease,(R.A. look it up), while the myriad of meds keep my up and moving and life tolerable the greenery makes life nice! unfortunately my doctor cannot prescribe thc as pain relief, Thanks BIG GOVERNMENT, @ this time there is no cure for R,A., Cancer, M.S. and a host of other diseases LEGALIZE IT !


420 Staff
i'm 37, been smoking weed for 24 years and 20 minutes...
people always ask me how i look 25 years old...
i tell them it's the pot...
i do believe i will smoke weed til the day i die.

also, a recent study by the u.s. government, costing them somewhere around 30 million dollars, resulted in this....
if you smoke weed every day of your life, you will live 7 years longer than someone who does not...
the government buried the results, but fortunately, norml was able to get a copy of it prior...
maybe someone can search the forums and re-post this info.


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I think smoking for life would be a very good thing for most folks. During my working years there were always people in their 40s, 50s and 60s who would have smoked if they knew where to get it (far be it from me to tell them :smokin3:). It seems like folks under 50 are busy getting life together, so as long as work, mate, kids, bills, etc., are in order, I think relaxing with a little bud could be very beneficial to most everyone. As for myself, I did not partake for about 18 yrs. while raising family but I would have done a much better job, I'm sure, if it would have been more socially acceptable. I also think we all might smoke less if it were legal and easily available.


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Yeah alot of people think the earth will be destroyed during there lifetimes, but its kinda funny because the earth is what, billions of years old? What are the chances of it being domished during your short 80 years? slim....were talking like one in MILLIONS.


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The biggest problem I see with smoking for my entire life, is getting a job that doesnt do random drug testing, which is becoming more and more common in the US. Pretty much all the career paths I have thought about taking are in the industrial type of buisness, and it is very very difficult to get a job that does not do random drug tests. But if I can get a job that doesnt do random drug testing, or the US stops all the anti-marijuana bullshit, then Yes, I do believe I will smoke for as long as possible.:allgood:


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Smoking.. NO.

Vaping/eating.. YES!



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I'm sure I'll invest in a volcano when I can afford it. I also wanna move to a state where I can get a cannabis card. I've been diagnosed with a few conditions that qualify for MMJ. Hell If we get a liberal in the oval office there might be a national decrimilization. What we really need is a libertarian, someone who will dissolve the national law because its a states issue. Then my ass will move to whatever state is legal and vape my homegrown for years.
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