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Arizona granny gets 3 years for marijuana possession

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
SIERRA VISTA, Ariz. – A 62-year-old grandmother who prosecutors said ran drugs to support her bingo habit has been sentenced to three years in prison and a $150,000 fine.

Acting on a tip, State Police stopped Leticia Villareal Garcia in February 2005 and found 214 pounds of marijuana stuffed into the trunk of her car.

Garcia has maintained her innocence, telling the judge at her sentencing Friday that she was unaware of the grass as she headed for a bingo game.

"I never, never had any knowledge of that car being loaded when I went to Tucson," the Bisbee resident told Cochise County Superior Court Judge Wallace Hoggatt.

Garcia testified at her trial in November that her son's godfather had borrowed her car the day before. Her lawyer, Robert Zohlmann, said she had been used as a "blind mule" to unknowingly haul drugs.

Garcia said she often played bingo, occasionally winning several thousand dollars at a sitting, although her only regular income was a $275 monthly welfare check she received for caring for a granddaughter.

"The underlying issue is that she's got a bingo problem, which explains why an otherwise nice person might get sucked into something like this," prosecutor Doyle Johnstun told the jury.

Garcia faced as much as 12 years in prison, but Johnstun asked for just four years, agreeing with her lawyer that her age and lack of a record called for the lesser sentence.



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shes a freakin grandma!!!

could you imagine buying a sack off your grandma?..hahahaha XD


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^ Actually I could, we've got a couple around here in their 70's called "Grandma n Grandpa" and they've been sellin reggie buds for YEARS around here, I'm talking probably about a decade or more.

That sucks for grandma tho...never heard of a bingo addiction before...maybe she'll knit sweaters to support her habit in prison ;-)

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
you assume that she doesn't need the welfare. all we have to go on is this story from mainstream media and facts supplied by law enforcement. i tend to side with the little guy in almost all cases. a welfare check isn't much to live on, definitely not enough to be comfortable. if she was into this criminal activity some how or other, you could think of it as providing a community service. the big money is wasted by and on politicians. i really sorta like the idea of a little guy getting over. but then i'm also an anarchist and social security recipient so i look at this a bit slanted... warped perhaps. it could be a medical issue with her. we don't know how many years she worked in her life or if she got screwed out of a pension. as for me the benefit of the doubt goes to her.



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First, 3 years for a plant is silly.
Second, she was not collecting welfare, she was caring for her granddaughter who gets $275/month for her upkeep. (What kind of kid incures only $275 of expenses in a month.)
Third, this is not the thread in which I will opine that the corporations have gotten enough in the form of Iraqi oil, no bid contracts, tax breaks that they can afford to let a little girl divert $275 a month of our tax money to...(wrong thread)

3 Years, crazy country, crazy laws.

Finaly, if you were 18 in 1967 then you're now 58. There are lots of toking grannies and grampies.


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Agreed (that there is a lot of older tokers now) I mean my second 'mom' is about 59 now...and well, she smokes me up a lot, and vice versa. She is a grandma too...her granddaughter is almost a year now


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214 POUNDS good lord. She's lucky she didn't get longer. Somebody younger and/or in a different state might be looking at 10-20.


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honestly i think the lady was telling the truth...i mean how often do you see a 62 year old women slinging pounds of pot? you dont really....why? because they retired for a reason they already got money duh....im not saying she wasnt gonna smoke it or nothing...but she wasnt gonna sell it mostlikely

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
^ retired does not always = money

i have 3 grandkids & started smokin' in '67'. Lotsa smokin' grandparents are out there.
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