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Arjan's haze 3 in its 9th week of flowering


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yes i also would like to know how much u yielded

hello Endosha,
My grow room changes a lot, and I am continually modifying things as more money becomes available.

I usually, however, expect from 6 ounces(180 grams) up per plant. Usually I get around 8 ounces per plant.

This is the first time I have grown the haze 3; last time with the haze 1, the yield came out at around 8 ounces a plant.

With the haze 3, the buds are dense and large, so I expect at least the same from the haze 3, as I have added more light(total now is 3000 watts).

The way I grow is not the most efficient way to use the light and space that I have; but given the legal restraints in this country, I can only grow a few plants unless I want to face a long prison term, so in my grow room there is a lot of wasted space and light, as I give each plant enough space to develop fully.

Given these restraints, there is no way I will ever achieve a yield of 1 gram per watt.
all the best, and thanks for having a look at my plants,
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