Arjan's Haze #3 in Soil - LED/CFL

If above post was tl;dr:

-I'm gonna strech out internode space in veg by using only the CLFs.

-LED goes on after first or second defoliation depending on how it looks.

-Gonna leave more time for recuperation since stretch is not an issue.

-Gonna let more leaves stay on branches that I wanna give a competitive edge.

That is the plan in short!


Heya Inkdot. I keep track of both 12/12 # of days and first pistils as flowering day.

As for stretch, end of stretch, and defoliation, I first look at how tall they are, and what the penetration depth of my light is. If they get too tall before the end of stretch, I hit em hard to stop them from stretching any more.

My next grow is in seedling, 4 x Kosher Kush. I'm going to top using the Main-lining technique, and go to flower hopefully at 12-14" tall max. I think the main-lining idea fits perfectly with high defoliation technique.
Day 36 photo update


Hello 420Mag! Finally time for an update. I've been keeping myself busy and not been on here for a few weeks. Anyway I have mostly left the plants alone in the time and now we're already at the half point of flowering and we're still healthy!

At this stage it's clear I have two very different phenotypes. In big air pot we have a sativa slow flowering pheno, it has many many little flower heads and it keeps pumping out nodes at a slow pace. In the little organge pot we have a faster flowering phenotype with dense nugs that slowly swell and look similar like many other conventional hybrids.

Anyway here comes the pictures!

Fast flowering phenotype.







As you can see I'm getting some yellowing but I think that's to be expected from this point onwards. I think it is because this plant is in a smaller pot so it has less soil and therefore is more vulnerable to N def during flower. I gave it some BioGrow to slow the yellowing a little.

And here is the slow flowering phenotype in the big air pot.





I'm a little concerned that those meager sativa flowers won't fill up but there is still hope for a strong finish. A strange quirk of this plant is that its shooting out triplet fan leaves at the top. Anyone seen this behavior before?

I decided it was time to clean up the air pot plant a bit and also do some light super cropping to space it out a bit.







It's getting crowded in there... :thumb:



That's all for now.

Untill next time! :peace:
Another thing. I have little white Springtails in my soil. I read that they are not dangerous to cannabis but anyone got any good info or experience with these critters?

I'll let the soil dry out a bit more to reduce their numbers at least.

Time to roll one now! Got some Kashmir hash. :tokin:
I could only find info in one of my books (Hemp Diseases and Pests)
Springtail - Most springtails feed on decaying plant matter, fungi, and bacteria. A few species, such as the garden springtail (Bourletiella hortensis) damage plants in greenhouses. Another species (Sminthurus viridis; the Lucerne flea) causes stippling of leaves, much like spider mites.

Biocontrol can be achieved with Hypoapsis miles (a predatory mite that preys on small soil insects).

I had springtails bad one time and freaked out seeing them but like you said they are pretty harmless. After that I was more careful to have adequate draining soil and to wait enough time for soil to dry out. Also, vigorous plants use the water quicker. If you stunted your plants too often by constantly croping/topping/defoilating, you may have slowed growth which in turn slows water usage, which in turn brings springtails?
Yeah inkdot, where are you mate??

Awesome to see some people reading this! I'm here now. Sorry I've been away for so long. Life has been pulling me in directions away from posting here! Hehe.

Anyway. I have kept them on a straight road. Doing some light trimming here and there, mostly removing under-producing lower bush.

I'll call the fast flowering (short stocky) plant Pheno 1, and the longer slow flowering one in the big air pot Pheno 2.

I'll start a week ago with day 45 then move on to present in the next post.

Day 45

Below you can see pheno 1 in the front and pheno 2 in the back. Note that I still use artificial light to raise them but I prefer to photo them in the wonderful light of the early spring sun. However if I'm home at noon and if there is sun I always put them on the kitchen floor to let them get some natural light.


Penotype 2

This one has really scrawny buds but she is looking pretty cool, I think it looks like tentacles. They are growing good right now and I think this pheno will need 12 weeks to finish.



Penotype 1

This one has some yellowing because its flowring faster and has a smaller pot so it probably running low on some nutes. I gave them a strong feeding (80% recommended sternght, I don't believe in overfeeding) and the yellowing slowed a lot since. This phenotype I will probably cut at 10 weeks/70 days and it produces pretty little hard egg shaped nugs.


And gazillion bud porn... Don't underestimate the old iphone 3 with scratched lens glas lol!






To be continued.... :high-five:
I had springtails bad one time and freaked out seeing them but like you said they are pretty harmless. After that I was more careful to have adequate draining soil and to wait enough time for soil to dry out. Also, vigorous plants use the water quicker. If you stunted your plants too often by constantly croping/topping/defoilating, you may have slowed growth which in turn slows water usage, which in turn brings springtails?

I think you are correct! And also another mistake I did was to put the seeds directly into the big final sized containers. This meant I would wet a far bigger volume then the young plants with their small root systems could use, so the soil stayed wet for longer then necessary.

I now see the merit with starting with small pots and transplanting up in size.
Day 51

(Check the previous page for day 45 photos)

By now I cleared the undergrowth (only the very bottom). They produced a trippy high but it's not yet strong so I needed a lot to get really good effect and of course since it's immature and quick dried tasted harsh and green but with a nice hint that lends promise.

I also did something that might be considered drastic; I nipped the tops of the two main towers of Pheno 2, because they kept shoting up new small scrawny nodes. So the nipping puts a stop to the shoot and forces the branches to thicken. This is exactly the same as Arjan and Franco did in the Greenhouse's own grow video.

Phenotype 1


Phenotype 2

Been very happy with the development of this pheno during the last week and also the topping seems to be working! This one smells soo good it's ridiculous. Hard to describe because it's a complex yet faint aroma that I will hope increases to a pungent cloud of fresh sativa perfume by the end of the 11+ weeks I plan to flower this one. I think the ugly duckling will turn into the dark horse champion of my closet.


Anyway. Around 20 days left for one of the phenos.

What do you think?

Small buds? I think so. But they are also quite small plants. I dunno. I need to think on things to improve for my late summer-autumn grow.

Anyway. Untill next time. Peace and love! :peace:
They look nice mate, they only a little small as they aren't done yet. The weight will come in time , patience is key mate.

Also "Nipping" the tops or super cropping is a great way to force power up to them nodes and promote stronger buds in the end with more trics. It works well. Happy growing mate :goodjob:
It's far enough along that nipping the tops should be cool. I get scared of messing around during flowering since my Skywalker OG Kush hermied from it. I took clones the first week of 12/12 and two weeks later, bananas. Not the type us chimps like, either..... :(

Yeah it was scary!
Week 10!! :party:

Hello 420!

Things are going smooth and I'm on the verge of harvest.

I'll probably cut Pheno 1 tomorrow on saturday! I've had some out of town friends visit so I had to provide and so I already cut a few branches and it's getting ready.

The good things about this weed is that it's very nice and smooth: It's impossible to smoke too much because it's got pretty good levels of CBD and CBN along with around 14% THC, you just get more and more sedated if overdosing. But if you only smoke a joint or two it's a pretty speedy sativa high with some body effect. I've had more intense and more fun weeds but none so mild and nice on the head and throat.

I'm attending driving school and it's not easy to get drivers license where I live but this weed has really helped me because when I smoke in the evening I can relax and unwind and in the mornings I still wake up refreshed and alert, absolutely no "weed hangover" at all (like I usually get, feeling slow in the head and a little lazy). But the day after the weed still takes the edge of the stress in traffic especially when you're still learning how to drive.

So tomorrow Pheno 1 is going down!


It's missing three branches. This one was cut quite early at day 58.

Pheno 2 is hanging around a week or two more. :thumb:


I'll do a harvest update soon. Peace!
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