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Arthritis Sufferer Grew Cannabis


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AN arthritis sufferer who grew cannabis in the attic of her home for "medicinal purposes" has appeared in court.

Mandy Towler, 41, of Barnwell Road, Melksham pleaded guilty to cultivating cannabis, when she appeared at Chippenham magistrates' court on Thursday morning.

Prosecutor Kate Blackmore told the court how police had seized 14 cannabis plants and a hydroponics system used to cultivate the plants, when they carried out a dawn raid on her home in January. Officers from the Divisional Proactive Unit based in Melksham conducted the operation after receiving a tip-off.

In a police interview Towler said she had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and was growing the cannabis for medicinal purposes.

In her defence, Towler told police that instead of smoking the drug, she used it in her tea to help alleviate the pain caused by her condition.

She said it was cheaper to grow the plants herself, rather than having to buy them from a dealer.

Defending, Michael Wills, said his client was on disability benefits and income support.

The court heard that Towler, who has to go to Bath Royal United Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases every three months for treatment, has an 18 year-old daughter as well as caring for her father who is 78.

Jane Tadman, spokesman for Arthritis Research Campaign, said sufferers were forced to try other options of pain relief, away from conventional medicine.
She said: "The problem is that there aren't many drugs that have much of a benefit, in terms of pain relief, without having side effects. There are a lot of painkillers on the market but often they don't help if the pain is severe. It is understandable that people try other options. We feel that whatever helps people and isn't harmful is okay by us really. People should be allowed to use the drug to alleviate their pain."

Magistrates requested a probation service report following their concerns over a disabled person's ability to access the loft, the amount of cannabis discovered and the fact that a teenager also lives in the house.

Towler, who was released on unconditional bail, is due to return to court on Wednesday, May 2 for sentencing.

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"Melksham conducted the operation after receiving a tip-off"

another classic case of 'Hateration'
some of you out there need to stop sippin' on that haterade*

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