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Well what's up 420 fam!! I'm new to this whole growing thing. But I'm going to start an outdoor grow here in so cal. by july 18th they will be transplanted to a 7 gallon smart pot and put outdoors. the spot I'm placing is getting about 14-15/10-9 of sunlight to darkness. roughly. I'm afraid they'll go right into flowering. If you also believe that I have a light that is a solar light and it go from 35 watts for 10 hours or 70 watts for 6, would this work? or what would work to keep them in veg for a couple months?

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yes stretching, any light within close enough proximity will keep the plant awake during the night.
to be honest mate it will just turn your plants into gangly skinny stalks with minimal bud,unless you have a decent horticultural lamp over them at night and that just isnt safe mate.
why not bring them inside at night for extra light?? and security


You dont need light all night to keep it from flowering. You can use the Gaslamp Routine. 12 on, 5.5 off, 1 on, 5.5 off. I use it for veg and am pretty happy with it.
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