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ASA Emergency Alert to Federal Arrests of Patients

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Please join us for an emergency response action in front of your
closest federal building at noon on Friday, January 16!!
yourself! We need to get the word out that the Bush/Ashcroft assault on
patients' rights has not ceased.

Today in Sacramento, two medical marijuana patients in their 50's were
sitting in a California state court for cultivation charges. Their
attorneys were filing motions for dismissal on the basis of their legal
medical status, which the prosector agreed to, and were called into
judge's chambers to work out the details. Once there, the prosecutor
(Lynn Strom, Tehama Co) told them she was agreeing to a dismissal of
state charges ONLY because federal marshalls were at that minute
arresting the defendants while they were sitting in the courtroom!

This was an egregious misdirection of the prosecution, and an
unacceptable handing over of a case to the feds by state officials.
These were individual patients, growig medicine to take care of their
needs. ( I will release their names tomorrow)

Their attorneys are rightfully shocked and dismayed by this outrage,
and our support is needed. Please, get some people together, bring out
yoru signs, send out a press release to local media, and let's spread
the word. Please let us know what you are planning so we can publicize
them all and maximize our impact.

This is all the more reason to join in on the natiojnal day of action
at congressional district offices during Medical Marijuana Week (2-15
to 2-22) on Tuesday, Feb. 17 and demand Congress change the law to
protect patients.

Hilary McQuie
Campaign Director
Americans for Safe Access
1678 Shattuck Ave. #317
Berkeley, CA 94709