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ASA Opposes D.A. Dumanis for San Diego Mayor

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
In response to District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis' announcement to run for San Diego Mayor in 2012, the local chapter of the nation's largest medical cannabis patient's rights advocacy group (Americans for Safe Access), joined a growing list of organizations opposed to her candidacy and issued the following statement:

In her service as the District Attorney for San Diego County, Dumanis has undermined the most vulnerable members of our community through her continued and misguided 'fierce fight' against medical marijuana. Her fight has included raids on dispensaries as well as sick and dying patients' homes, resulting in hundreds of thousands of tax payer's dollars wasted on failed prosecutions. Dumanis has actively lobbied local governments for bans on dispensaries and has successfully influenced the County Board of Supervisors to adopt one of the most restrictive ordinances in the state.

Although Dumanis years ago ran on a platform for District Attorney in favor of medical marijuana her actions and track record since being elected almost a decade ago make clear that she continues to be an enemy to the medical marijuana community and those who use cannabis therapeutics for treatment.

We are strongly opposed to Dumanis for San Diego Mayor in 2012 and will work to oppose her continued oppression of the most vulnerable among us.

San Diego Americans for Safe Access
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