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AscendedMasterKief's Fourth Journal: KC45 Auto 2014


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Ahh, I should have considered that, Les. Thank you. If I get soil today like I'm hoping to (friend is driving me to HD), I'll plant my two remaining kc45 seeds in the next day or three. I want to put some of my fem seeds, and other reg seeds outdoors, but none of them are autos, and I'd hate to have to plant them now, and wait till the end of summer to harvest them. My stockpile includes 6 kerala x skunk#1 (aka kerala krush, I think), 4 NLxSkunk Fem, 2 KC45, about 200 bagseed from brick-packed medicine, and about 100 seeds from (possibly) premium medical strains (also mystery bagseeds, though). Oh, and 10 KC 36 regular seeds. I haven't bought a whole big variety of seeds yet, but the bagseed collections represent unfathomable possibilities, from autos, sativas, indicas, fems and regulars, and every combination inbetween. So that's exciting. But anywho, I agree, the best strategy is to give the best chance to grow a female, with these plants, it's best chance is in numbers.

Sorry about not posting any pics yesterday, by the time the sun rose in the sky, I had forgotten about it, lol. ;) I just want to avoid using the camera's flash at all where teh plant is. Plant is basically in between two 9-foot buildings at east and west, spaced 6 feet apart, so that it gets, at this time of year, about 4 hours of direct sunlight, I think. I could do better math, and figure out the exact time, but haven't had my coffee and joint yet. ;) I'll do my best to get better pics without waiting on the sun. Just gotta remember, camera flashes attract attention.


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Hello all,

I am currently growing kc45 auto. day 80 appx with 30-40 day left.......yup slow as shit

this is a tall, slow maturing, fast growing auto.

sexing is tricky give em time to mature. ***be sure
grow fast matures slow.(hps will help to mature faster)
they like high temps high 70s low 80
they are not light hungry
i have never burned them with nutes, once i even tried to. they slowed down for a day , then started growing like crazy.
my indoor plants are a little over 5 ft tall and are in there 2nd week of flower.
I would treat these as if they were regs, ive tried lst,hst,topping...ect they respond well. (although you will notice that the mature slower with these growing methods)
I am growing a set of 4 right now.
1 . lst with defoliation (bushy with lots of buds, but wispy)
2. hst,lst (complety out of control)
3. topped (all are still within 6 inches of each other)
4. left alone (most mature)

(so many branches its very easy to break some , but it heels quickly so 1,2, and 3 had hst in end.)

I would suggest moving it indoors when it get about 18-24 inches they will double in size when in the first 2-3 flowering .


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Thanks for the tips, hesed. I may experiment.

Before I forget again, here's pictures!


Day 19 I think. Today.

It was about 5-10 minutes between those shots, neat to see how the angle of the sun changed. I watered with "Orchid Plus 20-14-13" at 1/2 tsp/gallon, and gave it a quart of that solution during those minutes of angle. Not sure if that counts as a pun. ;)

I think I might try and do my watering and feeding before sunrise, I'm just too worried it'll draw attention where I have it, during the day, if I give it attention.
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Some of the leaves appear "webbed," like a duck's foot, instead of having "fingers." You can sort of see this in the pics above, but I'll try to get pics of this later. Not sure what to make of these funky leaves.


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Got a few additions for the journal. We got two KC 36 (regular) growing inside, in soil, under CFLs. Also, two bagseeds, but only one sprouted so far. Outside, the KC45 that's almost 4 weeks old is showing sex, and IT'S A GIRL! (99 % sure, very tiny white hairs)

The two KC36 regulars, less than a few days from seed

The sprouted bagseed

Indoor garden view (you can sorta see, I need more bluish lights.) EDIT: I planning to put a screen in here.

KC45 Auto

So far, one more of KC45 has sprouted, outside. Didn't get pic yet, but it's about 3 days old. :)
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I think that your outside KC-45 soil has high water retention and should not be watered for a long time, unless it rains.

You're right, it does hold water a long time. Thankfully, I just watered it before taking the picture, and a little less than a week prior. I will be waiting to water it again until the first few inches of soil are dry. I think the other KC45's will fare okay, as they're in different soil. I should have mentioned, I got a bag of generic potting soil, no extra nutes, pretty much just compost and perlite, not "organic" though. Was cheap.


Thanks, King John! And welcome. :welcome:

I've got pictures of my indoor plants tonight, just took 'em. Lights won't be off for another four hours though, so can get more pictures if they grow any more yet tonight. Today I watered all three with about 15mL of my 1/2 strength fertilizer water (label says 1 teaspoon/gallon daily, OR 1 tablespoon/gallon every 2-3 weeks)(each), followed by a liter of water each. I've been doing 1/2 the dose of the lower "daily" dose, but only every other watering for now. And only at a tablespoon of mix, or so, followed by water. Once they get a little bigger, I'll give em more, depending on the plants' feedback. Hopefully I can observe that, and realize what I'm observing. Anywho, pictures!


On a side note, I'm (to me, surprisingly) still enjoying the fruits of all my grows. Today just cleaned out my grinder, using alcohol swished around. Let it dry on a glass plate, and yielded almost(read "half") a gram. :) I did a total of 3 washes on it, drying and scraping in between each wash. I hated to clean the grinder, because it was getting disgustingly pretty and gooey, but I am out of medicine today. Luckily, while waiting for my last wash to dry, a close friend helped get me medicated with the finest bag of purple sativa I've ever smoked. Not sure I'm gonna be able to sleep tonight :48::27::33:

Here's a pick of one of the washes. The first wash yielded the most, and decreased each time.

Now that it's all dry, I may try some in a little while. No need to hurry, though, as I already quite high.



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Picture from 1 March, approximately one month old now. It rained a little the other day. Spring seems to be here, or just about. Of course, while every other state in the country had snow a few weeks back, mine was 80* and medium humidity, lol. So spring is just a day on the calendar here. ;)

A squirrel was digging in the pot's pot. Gonna put a mousetrap in that hole, teach the squirrel not to come back and dig in my pots. I'll try and set it up in such a way that it spooks the critter instead of hurting it. Often when I'm sitting around daydreaming, I'll imagine life as that of a squirrel's, runnin' around, gettin' it on, hiding food, pigging out, scampering all over, yelling at people from the tops of utility poles....It just seems like it'd be fun.

Anywho, here the pic I have of my older (by a few weeks) KC45. I put the mater cage on it, because I want to train the plant to hopefully grow all around and on the cage, rather than 2m in the air. Also, I don't really see this gal finishing in 55-71 days, like Herbies says. It's already been a month, and, while I haven't got the greatest environment, unless she simply explodes with growth through March, I think I'm expecting a late April or even May harvest. I could be wrong, though, and.....time does fly when your daydreaming about squirrels.



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I think I want to make a green LED flashlight/floodlight/torch, to view plants at night. Gonna have to focus on the correct wavelength, that plants reflect only. I'd like to do any work on my outdoor plants pre-sunrise. Less people around, it's still dark, good time to do watering if needed, any other work, before the sun beats down on the plants, less stressful, and less risk of mold, shock, nosy neighbors, etc etc. Simple, not-too-bright 5mm through-hole green LEDs, no more than 30-40 degree angle. Could make a head torch of it.

Anywho, back to the topic of the journal, I raised the outdoor KC 45 girl up about a foot or two, to allow it longer duration of direct sunlight. It's now getting at least 5-6 hours of direct sunlight per day. And it's some wicked sun, lemme assure you. I sure don't handle 6 hours of direct sunlight, here in pretty much the Everglades, very well, lol. But I'm not a plant. Also, I didn't get any mousetraps yet, and the squirrel came back, and slightly enlarged his hole. I've got to keep him away before he destroys the roots, and I'd rather not use lethal force, because I like the critters. I just NEED to get mousetraps.


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Destroyed one of my indoor KC 36 plants. :( It was drowned, shocked, mistreated, and probably depressed. When I mixed up my soil, I ended up not mixing it thoroughly enough. So one or two pots got well-draining systems of soil, and one didn't drain at all. Water just pooled on top, and when it did permeate the soil, it stayed HEAVY, for days. I also saw evidence of nute burn on the little gal. The other plants are doing okay. The bagseed is outgrowing the remaining KC 36. I might plant another in there, but then again, may let those two veg, then do another KC 36 12/12 from seed when it's time to switch over the lights.

Outside, the KC 45 (older one) is doing great. Got a bud growing on top. :) The little KC 45 hasn't done much yet, and seems to be just transitioning from seedling to vegging plant. Very slow.

Indoor pics, Outdoor pics later or tomorrow.
Bagseed plant:

KC 36



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If all goes well, the two indoor plants may go into bigger pots (Now that I've got room) before the end of this month. If I do that, I won't plant an additional plant then. Planning to switch to 12/12 1 April.


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I think the KC 45 (the big one outside) may be a hermie. Found 3 pollen sacks (unopened), picked them off. I'm a little upset, but not overly concerned. Worst that happens is I get very seedy bud filled with feminized KC 45 auto seeds ( AWESOME ), or just bunch of bud with a few [FEMINIZED KC 45 AUTO] seeds. I'm gonna let it grow. I think it's about day 45 or so, give or take a few days. Herbies says she'll finish in 55-71 days. That's 10-26 days from now. Will she do it?

EDIT: I'll try to get pics today or the next couple days.


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Oh, and an update on the indoor plants. I FIM'd the bagseed, but it's still growing on top, lol. When it has had time to recover, I'll try again. I want to let the KC 36 grow normally, no training, just growing, on this first run of it. I may not be switching to 12/12 at the end of this month, I may let em go through a good 60 days of vegging. :) But when I do switch, I want to run one or two KC 36 at 12/12 from seed, and see what happens.


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Now I'm unsure if it's really balls that I was seeing on the big gal outside. I noticed some calyxes were huge, but while most had hairs, a handful don't. Maybe the wind knocked the hairs out? They did look like big pollen sacks, but also, the clusters of calyxes looks strange, like there's some sort of thing holding a cluster of calyxes together at their base. I dunno. Got some pics again. :)

First up, bagseed, about 4 weeks old

Next, 4-week-old KC 36 regular

They're both still in veg, under about 60/40 bluish/reddish @18hrs/day

Next, the beautiful, yet somewhat strangely budding KC 45 auto. If it is a hermie, I'm hoping for at least a few feminized seeds from it, but hoping for lots more bud than seeds or nanners. I'm gonna let it finish, either way. Here's some closeups

And an overall pic of it


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Gonna add some flowering ferts at the end of the week, if it doesn't rain again. We had a line of strong storms blow through last night. Been windy this morning, and breezy this afternoon, and nice and warm.
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