Ase's Auto Quadlining Grow

I won't go into a huge introduction but I'm Asesino85 and I am regular at home grower from Oregon (United States) and I've been growing for a couple of years now. I've learned everything I know from these 420 Magazine forums and will always be truly grateful to this community. I feel like I've been able to give back to the community by coming up with a training method that is now known as quadlining. Quadlining is a method where you top the plant early on and split it into 4 main stems which act as supports so the rest of the plant can grow nice and even. I won't go through all the benefits but there are two main journals that I'd highly recommend looking at if you are interested.

The first journal is a Quadlining Community Thread where people who quadline are all in the same spot and sharing their experiences. The beginning post of that journal shows how to quadline in a summary right in the beginning. There are many active people who can answer questions in a timely fashion. All of the Quadsquad OGs are there and they and they grow just as well as I do so it's a great resource for those just getting into quadlining or those who do it and just want to share their plants.

The link for that is here : Quadline Community Thread

The 2nd journal was my last journal and there is pages and pages of information and it's a little harder to sift through. There is tons of good information though and it documents quite a few grows where I quadline with pretty good success. I grew all sorts of different strains as well as a monster Tangerine Dream at the end. All of the plants in this journal are photoperiods though and this new journal will only focus on auto plants.

The link for that is here : Ase's Multi-Strain Quadlining Thread

I have grow some auto plants in the past and quadlined them and had pretty good success. It is a bit different from regular quadlining as you have to use a lot of judgement/experience on when to top the plants and train them and I will be trying to point out the things I look and when to do it in this grow. I will always prefer growing photoperiod plants just because I like being in 100% control but autos are very popular (for good reason) and I've had many requests to detail an auto grow with quadlining so that is what this will be! I'm very happy to be back in action as I've been on a little break recently and I hope everyone enjoys this new adventure.

This round will feature all seeds that were won via prize packs from 420 Magazine Forum Contests:
Auto Lemon - This one was not labeled by a seed company so I can't give credit where it is due!
Auto Purple Skunk Mass - Critical Mass Collective (Monster Mass x Lavender x Afghani Skunk x Big Bud)
Auto Northern Lights - Royal Queen Seeds
Auto UK Cheese - Humboldt Seed Organization

My next grow is going to be autos,so I'm in for this one...:popcorn:

My method of germination is the paper towel method. I put the damp paper towel with seeds into a plastic bag and place near a warm area. Nearly 24 hours later I had 3/4 with taproots already coming out so they got put into the little pots today. The only one who hadn't quite popped yet was the Purple Skunk Mass but I buried her anyways. When I transplanted them I made a little hole and put a little Great White Mycorrhizae powder inside the hole and then put the seeds in the holes with the taproot facing down and the seed facing towards the top of the pot. When I covered them I barely covered them so make sure to not make the hole in too deep. Now we wait until they are above ground!
My next grow is going to be autos,so I'm in for this one...:popcorn:
Hey @Asesino85! Excited to see you work your magic on autos. I am thinking that I will do an auto run later this summer as well, so timing is great. Signed up!

Good to have the both of you around! Hopefully this turns out well. I've had good luck quadlining autos before!
Interesting. I have some OG Kush autos coming in from Seedsman, and i was just gonna let 'em go au naturale, but after seeing this thread, i think i'll try quadlining one of them (have 3 seeds coming).
Jumping into autos after my current run. This should quite interesting. I was wondering if they could be quad lined.

I've seen some people train autos and the stress threw them into flower right away but I've done 6-7 autos and they all turned out fine with the quadline.

If this helps either of you decide... this was a quadlined Auto Cherry Bomb that I did and it was awesome. Probably the best I'll ever do with an auto.

Oh yes I’m in! What’s up Ase! Can’t wait to see this grow show and I’m really excited to see how your autos turn out! Fingers crossed you get some monsters!
What up OG! Should be interesting either way but I bet we'll have one that is monster. Ya just never know with autos.
I’m here brotha! Can’t wait to see how these autos handle the quadline. I quadlined the northern light auto from RQS and it seemed to like the training. It was outdoors and was my biggest auto to date despite loosing a couple branches to some kind of burrowing insect.
I’m here brotha! Can’t wait to see how these autos handle the quadline. I quadlined the northern light auto from RQS and it seemed to like the training. It was outdoors and was my biggest auto to date despite loosing a couple branches to some kind of burrowing insect.
As a whole, Northern Lights has been one of the most consistent auto strains I’ve seen. It’s probably the one I am most excited about of the whole bunch. Always a pleasure having you along Magoo!
I'll be following along. I just started the quadline process on an auto Gelato myself.
I am also growing a Nodthern lights but Im doing LST on it as it wasnt as big or growing as vigorously as the gelato.

Welcome Knife! I've seen you on the other Quadlining thread so I'm glad to see you are joining this one too.
Morning mr.Ase auto quads it is then....haha
Auto quads it is! Always good to see you around my threads Smeegs!
This is the very beginning of Day 4 for these autos. I gave them a little cal-mag feeding today and the roots have reached the bottom of the pot already. I will wait a little bit longer to transplant them but with autos you want to get them into their final homes ASAP. I've seen autos flower early on because they were left in their small pots for too long. Now that the roots have reached the bottom I think I should be seeing some solid growth above ground. My lights have been on 24/7 for this first week and then I will back them down to 20/4 and then likely 18/6 after they've been at 20/4 for about a week. Also going to use different nutrients this time around. The GH flora series has done me really well but I have prize pack nutrients from the past that need to get used so I'm going to use some Dutch Master nutrients instead this time. I will probably follow the bottles instructions and just cut it in half for these autos.

I finally did a little research on the autos as I like to know the "about" time it takes to grow them from start to finish times. When training autos it is much more about reading the plant because you are not in control, the plant is. So I try to do my best in the time frames listed to get that quadline structure. If they go a little longer then that is great but the last thing I want to do is keep stressing the plant as it flips itself into flower.

Auto Lemon - Dunno who this came from so I'll have no time frame to base it on
Auto Purple Skunk Mass - 60 days
Auto Northern Lights - 63 to 70 days
Auto UK Cheese - 60 to 65 days

It sounds like they should all be on about the same pace. Most things I've read on the 3 strains I know about all place the total life cycle between 9-10 weeks. I've always had this theory that seed companies tell you to chop them down earlier then they are supposed to by a week or two to get people to buy more seeds earlier so I'm guessing they will all come down around the 70 day mark. Likely that means 5 weeks for veg and 6-7 weeks for flower. Lets see if this comes true throughout this grow.

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