Asesino's Multi-Strain - Coco - LED - Grow 2


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I can taste that Ayahuasca from here [emoji1305]

I had clipped one little nug of each strain for an early test a couple days ago (so maybe pulled a week ago and dried for a few days). Out of the 4 it got me the most "crazy" feeling. It'll be interesting to see how they are when finished this last week but if it is anything like it was in the taste test then this will live up to its name and origins. Pretty excited since it is a pretty new strain and I haven't seen many journals yet so kind of a mystery. Good choice! :)


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Day 69 Flower - This will be the last picture of the girls all together. Tomorrow probably two of the plants will come down. The Chemdawg and the White Rhino are both ready to go. I may only do the White Rhino depending on time. It'll be fun to see what these girls look like when they are no longer under the net. The next update should be a lot of fun, but a lot of work for me in the near future. At least its the rewarding and therapeutic kind of work!


Veg Tent - The top leaves are just the light, they have are all green and healthy


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Flower Day 72 - This journey ends today! Trimming is taking me forever this time around. I made sure to do it at a leisurely pace this time compared to my first grow and it's seemed like far less of a chore. Overall I am really happy about the quality of these girls. My trimmers and fingers got gunked up quite a few times, there are so sticky. The two Indica looking plants were far easier and I got them both done Friday night. The two Sativas had so many leaves to cut off it was crazy. It took me most of yesterday to get through them and I still have a little bit left to do on the Ayahuasca Purple this morning. I will wash it and hang it with the others. I am hanging them by the whole plant this time. I'll do another update once they are dry and jarred and then this will be over!

I have moved the three freebie girls into my flower tent. I decided to use the ScrOG net again but with a few adjustments and I think I will REALLY fill this net this time. On this current grow the corners and outer two rows were empty. This time I will for sure cover 95% of the net. I set the timers to 18/6 in the flower tent to give them a couple of days to adjust to the new tent and to grow towards the light. These three freebies are gigantic and I think two have had a 17 week veg and one a 15 week. Be on the lookout for the new link to pop up for that journal soon.

The Girls

Purple Trainwreck - This girl ended up being the smallest of the whole bunch but it also ended up being the densest. In two grows I have had one plant that just ended up smaller than the others. Both my Indicas this grow had a little deficiency issues at the end. I think they needed a little bloom boost earlier then what they got them but I was on vacation. Either way I don't think it really effected them too much. The Purple Trainwreck was small from the beginning and just never seemed to get going like the others. I do think what I do get from it will be some quality smoke though.



Chemdawg - This Chemdawg smells just like it should. It is so strong and had a nice balance of trichomes and density. I am really happy with the way this turned out. There was a point where I wasn't sure if it would keep up with the Ayahuasca Purple and the White Rhino and it did. This is one of my favorite strains and I can't wait to try it.



Ayahuasca Purple - This girl will end up having the prettiest buds and had the most purple to it. The Purple Trainwreck had a little bit but the Ayahuasca is more noticeable. It is a little bit more airy than my Chemdawg but it is wider so I wonder which one will yield more. Based on the small taste test I did a few days ago, I am most excited for the effects of this one. Highly psychedelic and cerebral the first time so hopefully that continues.



White Rhino - I do think that this girl will yield largest. It has just been a rock star from early on. She has probably been the most well rounded the whole time. She isn't the stickiest, isn't the densest, isn't the most potent smelling and isn't the widest but she was probably in second place in all those categories and will take first place in yield.





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Congrats on the harvest Asesino! Dude that Chemdog and White Rhino are insane! I really like the structure that the white rhino finished out with. Anyways well done man and enjoy the awesome smoke!!
:bravo: :48:

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Awesome job Asesino :) did you too the girls once?

Yeah I only topped these ones once. I topped at the 4th node and then tied the 3rd node branches and 4th down horizontal to create 4 main branches.

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Great job Asesino, can't wait for some harvest pics. Definitely tale your time with trimming all that, hope you've got a helper. You're doing superb with the scrog, great job once again :bravo:

KiG :green_heart:cheers


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Thanks everyone! They are still hanging and probably wont be ready for a couple more days but until then I have started my third journal and I will be flipping that to flower tomorrow night. If you enjoyed this one then head on over!

Asesino's Nirvana Mystery Trio


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Results - The girls were cut down and jarred today. It will be nice to get them marinating in their jars now.

Purple Trainwreck - 1.5 Oz
Ayahusca Purple - 2.5Oz
Chemdawg - 3oz
White Rhino - 5oz

I ended up with a total of 12oz and basically hit my goal for this grow. I had one less plant than last time and yielded just a little bit more. My new grow is only 3 plants so that should be interesting to see if I can keep improving as I lose another plant. I'm not sure what the real issue was with the Purple Trainwreck and why it was so small but the clone seems to be doing well so it will have another shot in a future grow. The Chemdawg did end up a little bigger than the Ayahuasca Purple.

The real winner is obviously the White Rhino. As it was drying it was clearly the most dense. I've had really good luck with the seeds from Nirvana. Ironically it's clone seems to be doing the worst. Either way without this one doing so well I wouldn't had hit my goal. I do think I had a lot of undergrowth on the other ones as I had a little hope for some of it and should have just trimmed it off. It would have resulted in fatter nugs on them and more yield. The White Rhino had the least of that under stuff. It was the shortest but widest and the colas were the best. Lesson learned, saves room for improvement.

The nice part is in 10 weeks I will be flowering the clones from this grow. That will be fun to see what they produce. The smell of these buds are so much more potent than my Aurora Indicas were. I can't wait for them to cure now.

Thanks to everyone for following along and come see me keep improving with my 3rd grow. The link is in my signature! Hope to see everyone there!


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Very nice harvest mate :thumb: can't wait to see some nug porn and smoke reports;)

Is there a gram setting on that scale you use? :laugh2:

Some plants don't clone well, but may grow very well from seed.
The Purple Trainweck clone will be the same, so you'll be able to know if it's genetics or human error, it's generally adviced to have several plants of the same strain so you can choose the pheno(s) you like best - especially if you're ''hunting'' for memories of a strain you once smoked;)
However some strains are just not high yielders but may exceed its heavy counterparts in potency and terpene profile.

Keep up the good work :Namaste:


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Thanks guys! Always appreciate the support. Cant wait to see how the clones do but 10 weeks before they get to flower. I will give a smoke report and some nug shots in a week or so. For now it's all in on grow 3. My net looks just like I hoped it would in this grow so I'm really excited. Will be interesting to see if I can keep pulling the same numbers as I keep losing plants. Down to 3 this grow which means I need to average about 4 oz a plant. We will find out and I'm sure I'll see you guys there!


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This will be my last post in this grow! If you have any questions that pertain to this grow for me you can pop on over to my 3rd grow (link is in my signature) and I will answer it there.

Grow/Smoke Report

Purple Trainwreck - This plant ended up being disappointing in the end. The yield was not great and it was really leafy. It did show some signs of deficiency towards the end but it seemed pretty healthy 90% of the grow. A couple friends who watched it grow up both thought it looked really healthy to them as well so I'll lean towards runt. It was small and compact and short. The one clone of it seems to also be following suit, which would make sense having the same genetics.

The smell in the jar is very peppery smelling with a hint of a dark fruit smell at the end. The smoke doesn't really get me motivated and it doesn't make me tired. It just seems to make me want to zone out and pass the time. Perfect for watching TV or having the true the stoner high and vegging out.


Ayahuasca Purple - The weird part about this plant is that it grew like a Sativa but it has more Indica-like effects. I left too much undergrowth on this one and the nugs ended up being small. If you shake my jar it sounds like there is pebbles in it though so they are pretty dense. This was the only plant to get a little purple on it. If the undergrowth wasn't taking away energy from the good colas then I think the buds would have been much larger and prettier. I have 3 clones of this one and 2 of them are growing very healthy and one just ok. This plant grew like crazy and seemed to respond very well to training.

The high is pretty crazy on this one. It is the most psychedelic of the bunch and kind of twisted the mind. It's pretty intense and then as you come down it moves into your body and makes you sleepy. The smoke was kind of like a J-2 or a Gorilla glue, kind of a fuel taste. This one is the most potent for sure and lives up to it's origins. Ayahuasca originally is an amazonian hallucinogenic brew. Well done Barney's Farms!


Chemdawg - This plant seemed to be just behind the Ayahuasca Purple for most of the grow but towards the final couple weeks it overtook it. I was pretty happy with this one. Just like the Ayahuasca Purple, I could have done a better job removing the undergrowth but I just didn't know any better. It grew very steady the whole time and the clone looks great.

It pretty much tasted and smelled just like classic Chemdawg. When you open the jar your nose shrivels up from the pungent funk smell (in a good way). This is a good daytime high for me or when I am out hiking or doing something active. The high is a fast creeper. You can feel the shoulders and neck relax a bit and a few minutes later your head is light, you are focused and clear headed.


White Rhino - This was a huge surprise out of the bunch and I must say I have been pretty impressed with the plants I have grown with Nirvana Seeds. Without this girl I think my grow would have been disappointing. I do wish I would have let this one stretch above the net more but it was short and wide, just like a Rhino.

The smell of these buds are sweet like candy. It has the most even high of all the girls. You get a bit of a head relaxation as well as a body tingle. It is extremely relaxing while only making the brain slightly foggy. This is a very well rounded smoke.


In the end I have a strain that trips you out, one that makes you veg out, one that pumps you up and one that just makes everything relax. For my first attempt using coco, a ScrOG net and doing multiple strains I was pretty happy how it all ended turned out. I have continued my streak of not having to go to a dispensary. I stopped going after my first grow back in September and now I can't see having to ever go if I don't want to. Every 10-11 weeks I should be pulling these kinds of numbers (if not better). I should also be able to get 5 grows in a year. At my current success that'd be just over 1 per week :). Not to mention the added benefits of hash and edibles.

I intend to bump these numbers a bit by using some things I learned. I will have a more detailed nutes schedule thanks to some posts I've read and some research i've done. This should help with the bud production a little bit. I will also be stacking and likely backbuilding this next time as well to help with density. I now have experience growing in coco so I shouldn't have issues with the medium. I also had no experience with a real ScrOG net and defoliating it and training the branches against it properly. I think this will be the thing that helps improve everything the most.

You can find my progress and improvements going on in my next journal which is in my signature. I thank you all for following along on this fun journey and I am excited for my current girls. There will not be runts this time and they were trained against the net pretty well. I hope to see everyone there! :Namaste:

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