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I recently bought a 24in Phire, beaker, single perc, difuser bong and was looking at some ashcatchers for it at my local shop. Im just wondering if they are worth it. The one if found includes an extra diffuser with the ashcatcher and is only 44 bucks...if i get this will it really help at all? I'm just looking to get the most out of it and keep it clean.



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i feel that an ashcatcher throws off the balance of the pipe, thus making it more prone to breakage and being knocked over. If you keep your pipe clean what is the use of an ashcatcher? this is my humble opinion though. stay green, peace.


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I'd go with the ash catcher :51: my girlfriend just bought one for her bong and I think it makes the smoke cooler and more "refreshing". As for your piece being more prone to breaking, I agree. Just like any glass piece, be careful and handle your bong responsibly. I'm going to get "The Scientist" by Molino.......
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