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At what level should the nutrients be in the bucket?

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The nutrient solution should be kept at a level of 1" above the bottom of the net basket when a new plant/clone has been introduced to the bubbler.

After a good root system has been established, the level can drop down in the bucket and will create a nice aeroponic type atmosphere for the roots to thrive in. Make sure to keep an eye on your TDS however,a s a significant drop in the reservoir level can mean a significant increase in your TDS level. With frequent checks using your TDS meter, you should have no problems. When TDS levels rise in the bucket, you can add plain pH adjusted water to top off and adjust TDS to the correct levels.


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Alge growth was driving me nuts un-till I hit on not letting net basket sit in the water. After good root growth, as stated above, leave the water low so the root are in it. No more alge.


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so when you say that the water level should be one inch above the bottom of the net basket then where is the bottom of the clone/seedling supposed to rest?

are the roots going to at some point sit in nutrient solution? how much roots should be exposed?

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hi, when using a rdwc where the control unit sets the height of the solution, what do you do when you first put the plants in the pebbles? top feed?

your told to keep the control unit at the same height as the buckets. if i raised or lowered the control unit would that change the height of the solution in the buckets?? thanks :eek:)


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no need to ever top feed in dwc. Atleast a 1" gap between pot and nute level, i normally have a gap of about 3". If u have healthy cuttings or seeds they will find the res. If ur pot sits in water u will slow down growth of root. these were taken 36 hours after placing clones in net pots with a 3" gap.





in a system just dont do anything, pot ur plants they willl find res. I will dip net pots in solution once when first transplanted just to wet roots and thats it. The mist created of the bubbles is more than enough on net pots.
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