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hi all im new to growing in hydro most of my experience is from doing soil grows i bought an atami wilma 4 pot to give hydro growing a go the first time i did a grow in the wilma it all went pear shaped the plants almost straight away got a defficiency it was poor quality weed from 4 plants only yielding 1.5 ounce from all 4 plants.So i decided to give the atami another go again i got 8 cuttings put 4 in soil and 4 in the wilma in rockwool cubes and clay pebbles i have had them vegging for 2 weeks and once again the plants in the wilma are poor very small spindly growth compared to the ones i have in soil they are bushy and greenas they should be i will log down what i am doing and hopefully someone can help me
1, 30 litre res at 12 degree water temp
2,canna aqua vega nutes with ppm 0f 500 as plants are 2 week old
3,600wat hps lamp
4,intake and extraction fans circulating air(air temp 29 degrees)
5,ph of water between 5.5 and 6.2
i have put down everthing i can think of can some one please help
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