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Atlanta Ga has been forgotten


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Yea...it seems we are going to keep getting responses like that every time unless we eradicate them from office.
Without a huge show of support in this state and all states like this...we can just forget it...without support, they are always going to feel the same way...no changing their minds.
Like the the thread name says "Atlanta GA has been forgotten"!!! and it will always be forgotten too, unless we have an uprising that can be heard all the way to the white house lawn from Atlanta GA!!!

GA is going to be a really hard state to turn. We have so many conservatives here and legalizing is such a "liberal" move. Shame.

Nevertheless, keep moving it forward.


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I live in Atlanta and i have never heard of any pot rallying events... Pot smoking is such a big culture here it's hard to believe theres no rallys or big events here... Guess everyones too busy smokin there weed..


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We need safe access here. We need laws here NOW. if not, I may as well move to another state. On another patch of dirt, I'm a sick guy with a horrible auto-immune disease treating and living with a condition. Here, I'm satan's spawn.

My mother is about to retire. She's over 70 and has a lot of severe chronic problems, has had numerous back and knee surgeries. We'll be taking care of her. She's already said she's willing to try some of our herb to work at the pain. In fact, she's looking forward to it.

I am going to do what I have to do. I have to take chemo myself daily. I HATE having to hide like a criminal just to get through a day. I have no problems growing it myself and the world never even knows I exist. No way in hell I would ever sell any to anyone, ever. But mostly that's because I need it myself....

Were I living in California or Colorado for instance, they'd take one look at my chart and it's a no brainer. Here? Don't even mention it.

Well guess what? It woks. In fact it's the only thing that DOES work, in conjunction with chemo. I went from about 12 prescriptions that I couldn't afford to 2 and a plant. It's hard to believe it actually works unless you have a condition like this yourself, and personally see the difference. Night and day. Under a strict regimine of pharmaceuticals only, as prescribed by the doctor, I could barely get out of bed, and it still sucked if I did. With this combination, I'm able to have a life again. And yeah so I am a happy guy too, it makes me feel good on top of it. I fail to see how that goes into the "con" column?

Is anything in the works in Ga? Anything at all? I know we have deucheweeds like Tommy Benton to contend with (don't get me started on that jerk). And obviously a plethora of clueless soccer moms. How on earth can this state get past the BS lies that these people think are the truth?

or should I just move?


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.....never mind how the state of Georgia is way, way behind the curve when it comes to representation regarding pro-med MJ.
If you are looking to go your own way, as I was, take a look at the penalties for doing so. Major fines and bigtime jail time. I'm not willing to risk it.
And, yes, if I could, I'd pack up the U-Haul and head for CA or CO.
Georgia has never left the stone age.


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Re: Atlanta Ga has been not been forgotten, just unaware

Paul Cornwell still resides in Atlanta and continues to be active in the movement. Paul continues to host events annually including rallies, marches, etc. The City of Atlanta has always challenged Cornwell on his legal right to access to parks to host his annual Great Atl. Pot Festival. You have to remember Cornwell managed to attract over 50,000 attendees to some of these festivals. The city freaked out and continues to violate his rights to prevent and interfere with his legal right do these major events. Welcome to Georgia. Paul owns a company called ReeferCamo, which holds the trademark to a cool camo reefer design clothing line. Cornwell is one of the most under-recognized leaders in the movement out there, and its about time you people start taking note of the amazing accomplishments and work this guy has done for all of us. THANK YOU PAUL!

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I moved to Georgia 6 years ago and I've found the people here wait for someone else to do it first. I've wanted to join or start a canna club or association but can't find anyone who is willing. I've been in a room with 15 to 20 people all smoking and talking about the MML.s here and yet once we leave one will say a word. (being from western NY it drives me nuts!) We have a med marijuana laws on the books but only for oil. Most people can't afford that, I know I can't. This state would be a great place to be the first to legalize marijuana east of the mississippi, But they ain't got the guts. I've known for decades the good marijuana can bring and I know others who feel the same way, it makes me sad that the lawmakers here can't see it. once again we will sit back and watch some other state take the money that could be ours. Sorry Georgia, the yankees kicked your butts before and it looks like your setting them up to do it again.
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