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My indoor grow is currently shut down. I no longer sell as I can grow what I require in my backyard.
However, back when I lived in L.A. and DID sell...

My buds were in great demand. Not only did I grow killer strains, I went that extra mile--literally.
At a huge investment in labor and an initial cost of $100, I would drive up to the mountains outside of L.A. every week rain or shine to a mountain spring I knew of.
It was a huge hassle, carrying 10 5-gal. bottles of water about 100 yards over rough terrain to my van. Then when I got home I'd wait till midnight (when all my nosy neighbors were asleep) then haul each botttle down a long-ass driveway and up a flight of stairs.
But I was the only guy in town with truely organic weed.
And using "living" water (water fish can live in) sped up the the veg & bloom cycle by a week vs. using with city water.
My friends raved about the taste of my organic buds.


I had 3 different chambers for many years, and whenever I had plants ready for harvest I'd call up a few close friends who liked to buy what I grew.
They'd come over and I'd take them to the grow room, open the door and they'd get to choose which plant(s) of about 20 they'd like to have. Like choosing a lobster from a tank at a seafood restaurant.
We'd take the potted plant back into my den and the friend would spend the next 1/2 hour or so manincuring the weed while we listened to music, smoked and b.s.-ed.
I'd then weigh it and would charge him 25% of whatever the fresh manicured buds weighed.
It worked out great for both of us.
I was saved me the tedious task of manicuring and the time-consuming task of slow-drying/curing and he'd get the pick of the litter.


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Well, I learned something. RD grows great bud (I suspected that) and dried weight = 1/4 fresh weight. Cool.

By "living water" do you mean tap water that has sat for a day (let the clorination expire). That's what I use for fish.


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I think he means water with living organisms and stuff from being in nature.


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Rainwater would have been a good substitute to the mountain spring and less driving too... I like your idea, I'll be trying it sometime!


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stickylungs said:
good shit man.... let me know where u got ur water im in la growing too....
Unfortunately you can't access it unless you work for the Forest Service like I used to.
I had The Key, the one that unlocks every fire road gate in America (at least the ones admin-ed by the Forest Service). The spring I mentioned is past 2 locked gates.
If you're a hiker and want to visit the spring you can. Drive up Angeles Crest Highway (off the 210 Freeway) approx.15 miles to Red Box (the turn off for Mt Wilson). Park and start hiking--it's 6 miles in, next to the West ForK Campground.
If you're into hiking I can tell you about other bitchen places to hike to.

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Sweet. Most forest rangers I meet hiking, although always nice, are so straight they HAVE to have a pole up their ass.

Nice to see one who has a little lean. ;)


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Living water is water with benificial bacterias and enzymes and other good shit or at least thats what I thought.
And Ranger Danger is the grow mod because of his years of experience in growing so of course he would have awesome buds.
Bet ya smokes it too.


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I was always wondering if getting spring water would help. I'm pretty lucky i guess i have a spring about 15 mins from me right on the side of a road. I watered my plants with nothing but the spring water. Glad to know that hauling all that water is really worth it. thanks RangerDanger


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I origininally started using water from the spring because I was often up in that neck of the woods (not only that spring but another one about 20 miles away) anyway.
I noticed a growth increase and mentioned that to a friend of mine, who has a degree in chemistry.
"Of course, it's living water."
Say what?
He went on to explain that "living water" is water that supports lots of life, not only fish but insects & plants as well.
I was surprized that it sped up budding time as well as veg.
Where I now live I use water from a steam that is both watertable and spring-fed.

Re: Rangers.
I can only speak of the people I worked with and knew relatively well, but about half of them were tokers and most of the remainder were permissive about smoking weed.
With the exception of Boy Scouts (who I harbor a special dislike for) and families, most of the people I met "in the woods" were the same way.
But yeah I've met the "stick up the ass" guys, but those were usually National Park Service Rangers (the guys with the Smokey Bear hats). The Rangers I refer to are U.S. Forest Rangers, which are different.
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