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I worked as a volunteer for the US Forest Service for 30 years.
One of my gigs was as a Campground Host at a backpack campground 6 miles off the road.
There was a gated dirt fireroad that I had to key to, so I could drive in and out (and haul trash out).
It was my favorite job. I would give out trail advice and nature talks, write up campfire permits, and tell scary ghost stories around the campfire. 3 times I drove injured hikers out, and once drove to the nearest phone to call for medivac for a 10-year old girl who got fishhooks in her scalp after walking into the bushes to pee, on a hike with her parents.
Near this campground there was a spring.
I would bring out a 5 gal. water bottle to fill for drinking water at home.
At the time I had 3 grow chambers at home, and 1 day I got the idea to use natural mountain spring water for my hydro set-ups.
I went out and bought 10 5-gal. water bottles.
It was a big hassle. The spring was a hundred yards or so from the nearest place I could park, a hundred yards of rough terrain. I'd take the bottles out there 1 by 1, fill them up and lug them back to my van and drive them back home.
A full water bottle weighed somthing like 50 pounds.
Once I got home I'd have to haul them down a long driveway, and I'd do this in the middle of the night so neighbors wouldn't notice and possibly wonder why I was bringing 50 gallons of water a week to my garage.
Anyway, after a few months I noticed that my plants were taking less time to grow to a certain height that before, when I was using tap water.
Less time to veg (approx 1 week less) AND less time to flower (approx. 1 week less).
I mentioned this to a friend Dr. Dan, who is a chemist.
"That's because you're using "living" water" he told me.
Say what?
He explained that living water was water that things lived in. Like insects and fish. No additives that are found in city water that, for instance, would kill fish.
I also used organic nutrients.
My friends all raved about the taste of my pot.
To my knowledge I was the only guy in my neighborhood at least that grew pot using pure mountain spring water.
But I was committed to grow the best damn pot I could.


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That was a good idea, totally organicly grown herb, I'd buy it. (then again, I buy the junk that's around here, so that's not saying much.)

By the way, a gallon of water weighs seven pounds.


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RangerDanger said:
It was my favorite job. I would tell scary ghost stories around the campfire. .

your stories are the greatest. i'm sure everyone loved them. :smoke2: :3:

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Wow. I'm pretty sure that's the best life EVER. TO be able to just hang out in a forest and help people, tell stories. Just be in nature all of the time. I'd love something like that.

And pretty much the freedom to smoke herb in your own home all you want.

That's so nice.

I'm with Tinkerbell. I'm sure they loved your stories, haha.

Peace and love always

:peace: Earth Child


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When I was out there, I was only "on duty" when I had the uniform & badge on.
At night, when all the kiddie's were in bed, I'd change clothes and get high with other campers.
Sometimes I had a garden or two within walking distance (liek about a 1/2 hours walk.
I'd leave my tent just before dawn when everyone else was asleep and tend the garden--but NEVER in my Forest Service clothes, not even the gawd-awful green khaki pants.

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I thought about spending a summer being a camp host.. but im postive I would end up punching all the asshole kids who like yell all night and throw garbage everywhere.

Tiger Bass

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I really do love your stories too Ranger. And that really is awesome.


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haha ranger danger youre the kind of dude who rolls a doob with a story :allgood:


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Great idea Ranger! That's cool it worked out for you, when I lived in Atlanta, we used to take a 2 hour trip up to the Appalacians (sp?) and in Ellijay, they had a spring probably really similar to the one you got your water out of.

It was basically a pvc pipe jutting outta a stone wall in a lil recess. It'd be pouring water 24/7, great tasting water, loved it. We never used tap water again after getting a taste of that water, so about twice or 3 times a year, we'd make the trip with 10-15 5-gal containers. Those things are heavy I'll tell you wut! So kudos to you for bein that driven to get that water, cause I know how damn heavy those things can be..


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tinkerbell420 said:
your stories are the greatest. i'm sure everyone loved them. :smoke2: :3:

I was just about the post the same thing...

great story.
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