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August 1, 2007 - 420 Magazine Newsletter

Jim Finnel

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420 Magazine Newsletter
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August 14, 2007

California Cannabis News - Update Daily!

Heated Prescription Pot Users To Prosecute County
Medical marijuana users said they will sue the county over the closure of local pot shops. They’re angry because Sheriff Donny Youngblood, with the blessing of Board of Supervisors, has stopped issuing permits for the medical pot clinics.

Another Medical Marijuana Dispensary Casualty
Despite our weekend report that the California Patients Group was doing all that it could to stay open, and continue to aid the sick and the needy with care and medical cannibis, they will be closing their doors.

Ideology Over Compassion
Cancer-stricken folks on the Central Coast have been saved from the perils of the evil weed marijuana, thanks to the single-minded battle against the pernicious plant by our ever-vigilant federal government. Of course, those who were using the herb said they needed it to reduce pain and other symptoms from cancer, glaucoma and other ailments. But Uncle Sam’s minions apparently know the suffering these maladies cause better than those who are actually suffering.

Claremont Takes A Stand: Medical Marijuana Approved
Cheers erupted from the council chamber just past midnight Wednesday morning as medical marijuana advocates celebrated the city council’s decision to permit medical marijuana in Claremont.

Medical-Pot Protest In Riverside
About 30 medical-marijuana advocates shouting slogans and carrying signs picketed outside the Riverside office of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration Friday protesting recent raids on medical-marijuana dispensaries.

DEA Serves 10 Warrants In LA Medical Marijuana Crackdown
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration served search warrants at 10 different locations throughout Los Angeles County in connection with its crackdown on medical marijuana facilities.

LA City Council Votes To End Raids On Same Day As DEA Invades Dispensaries
On July 25th, the Los Angeles City Council voted to move forward with the regulation of medical cannabis (marijuana) dispensaries. At nearly the same time, federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents were conducting raids on at least 6 dispensaries in the Los Angeles area.

Medical Pot Users Storm Meeting
A large group of Kern County medical marijuana users and supporters demanded county supervisors uphold state law Tuesday. They said they struggle with ulcers, migraines, glaucoma, nervous-system disorders, heart problems and arthritis.

Activists March For Medicinal Marijuana
Supporters of medical marijuana were out in numbers Saturday, marching for the fight to keep medicinal pot legal. Saturday afternoon at Beach Park in central Bakersfield, dozens from the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, also known as NORML, gathered to hold signs and march for medicinal marijuana.

L.A. Landlords Risk Arrest, Loss Of Properties
Raising the stakes in their war against medical pot, federal officials have warned more than 150 L.A. landlords that they risk arrest and the loss of their properties if they continue renting to marijuana dispensaries, it was reported Tuesday.

O.C. To License Medical Marijuana
Orange County will begin licensing medical marijuana use and issuing identification cards to patients who are entitled to it under a plan approved by county supervisors Tuesday.

Santa Barbara Loses Legal Effort To Dump Pot Law
A judge on Tuesday threw out a City Council challenge to a voter initiative that made busting adults for marijuana crimes the lowest priority for police.

Worldwide Cannabis News - Update Daily!

Supply & Demand
Medical researchers need more marijuana sources because government supplies aren’t meeting scientific demand, a federal judge has ruled. In an emphatic but nonbinding opinion, the Drug Enforcement Administration’s own judge is recommending that a University of Massachusetts professor be allowed to grow a legal pot crop. The real winners could be those suffering from painful and wasting diseases, proponents believe.
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Leukemia And Lymphoma Society Endorses Medical Marijuana
With a vote on medical marijuana looming in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has adopted a formal policy position calling for removal of criminal and civil penalties for seriously ill patients using marijuana with their doctor's recommendation.
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Medical Marijuana Applications Roll In
SANTA FE - Nearly two dozen New Mexicans have applied to use medical marijuana since the state this month began allowing people with certain debilitating conditions to use the drug for nausea. As of Friday, the state Department of Health had received 22 applications for the program and had approved six.
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Authorities Find 100,000 Marijuana Plants
Authorities in Texas have discovered more than 100,000 marijuana plants in what officials say is the largest seizure ever in the Dallas area.
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Denver Pot Petition Gets OK
Denver voters could see another marijuana initiative when they head to the polls this November. Citizens for a Safer Denver, a campaign spin-off of the marijuana advocacy group Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation (SAFER), announced today that Denver election officials approved their petition to place an issue on the ballot.
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House Turns Aside Bid To Allow Medicinal Pot Use
Advocates of barring the use of federal funds to combat legalized medicinal marijuana picked up only two more votes this week in their dogged but longshot annual effort to gain the approval of Congress, leaving them deeply disappointed and searching for answers.
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Analysis: Who Voted For Medical Marijuana This Time?
The Hinchey results are in, losing by a vote of 165-262. This is only a very slight improvement over last year, when we lost 163-259. Here's a summary.
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Freshmen Dems Blamed In Defeat Of Plan To Stop Federal Raids
Backers of a proposal that would have blocked federal authorities from interfering in state-approved medicinal marijuana programs, stung by a disappointing defeat in the House, are zeroing in on freshmen Democrats such as Rep. Jerry McNerney of Pleasanton who opposed the proposal.
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5 Bumbling Architects Of America's War On Drugs
Have you ever wondered why America ended up with the awful system it has for dealing with drugs instead of the more moderate and effective systems used in places like the Netherlands? Here are five unscrupulous guys -- hucksters and opportunists, all of them -- who played a central role in making the American system happen.
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Man To Be Deported For Marijuana Conviction Twenty Years Later
All Tiffany Nelson wants is to have her husband and the father of her two young daughters back at home. Since a judge ruled that can’t happen, the 38-year-old mother is preparing to sell nearly everything her family owns and move to a country she has never seen so her family can be together.
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