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August 15, 2007 - 420 Magazine Newsletter

Jim Finnel

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420 Magazine Newsletter
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August 15, 2007

California Cannabis News - Updated Daily!

California In Hot Spot With Medical Pot
Finding medical marijuana vendors in California is about as easy as locating a Starbucks coffee shop. But fresh raids by the federal government threaten to push this industry into the shadows 10 years after California legalized possession of marijuana for medical use.

County To Apply 'Not Valid Under Federal Law' Sticker
Instead of stamping state medical marijuana ID cards “not valid under federal law,” Lassen County officials will apply a sticker with the same message.

Treatment Interrupted
Eleven years after California voters, by passing Proposition 215, created exceptions to the marijuana prohibition laws for medical patients using marijuana, or cannabis, with the recommendation of a licensed physician, the issue of safe access to this medicine is still in turmoil. Orange County just became the most recent county in California to comply with California law and begin the process of setting up a voluntary ID cards program for patients.

Surf City Considers Medical Marijuana Ban
Huntington Beach - Surf City is the latest city in Orange County to consider a ban on medical marijuana dispensaries. The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing Tuesday to discuss the issue.

Another Dispensary Closes
The battle between local marijuana dispensaries and federal law seems to have come to an end in Kern county. The last marijuana dispensary in Kern County says they will close their doors to avoid further persecution from the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Largest Marijuana Garden Found In Sequoia Nat'l Park
More than 60 border patrol officers, federal agents and park rangers are involved in this operation. Rangers estimate there are up to 40,000 plants, the largest marijuana garden found in park history.

FBI Medipot Raid Priorities Are Out Of Whack
There's something almost idiotic about the obviously confused and misguided way in which federal authorities are trying to enforce anti-marijuana laws in California today.

Hayward Council Shutters Pot Dispensary In Secret Vote
More than a dozen patients from the Hayward Patients Resources Center pleaded with City Council members at the meeting to keep the city's last medical marijuana dispensary open.

UPDATE: Log Cabin Grower Sentenced To Prison
A man who built an elaborate underground marijuana-growing operation at a log home in Santa Ysabel was sentenced to five years in federal prison yesterday.

Medical Marijuana Supporters Rally After Raid
Some 50 people, including four Berkeley city councilmembers, rallied Tuesday at the Maudelle Shirek Building, demanding that federal drug enforcement agents and the Los Angeles Police Department stay out of Berkeley and that the city become a sanctuary for medical marijuana distribution.

Authorities Seize Assets Of Marijuana Club
The Los Angeles Police Department and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency seized the assets of a Berkeley marijuana club Tuesday, following a raid of its sister club in Los Angeles.

Pot Worth Millions Found In Corn Field
A verdant 100-acre cornfield near Planada containing more than 20,000 marijuana plants was discovered by investigators with the Merced Multi-Agency Narcotics Task Force on Friday — the largest pot bust to the agency's credit this year.

Worldwide Cannabis News - Updated Daily!

The Benefits Of Marijuana
Are you sick of hearing someone nagging you about letting go of your pot pasttime? Have you been hearing a lot of negative things about the use of marijuana lately? Would you like to know what the real deal is behind the use of this infamous drug? Then read on because you're in for a surprise.
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Smoking Pot Won't Make You Crazy, But Dealing With The Lies About It Will
Smoking pot won't make you crazy, but trying to find the truth behind the recent rash of headlines regarding a supposed link between cannabis and mental illness might.
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Medicinal User Face Challenges In New Mexico
The New Mexico Health Department has approved its first applications from patients whose doctors prescribed medicinal marijuana under the state's new law. Under the new statute, approved applicants are entitled to a designated dosage of marijuana. But there's a hitch.
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New York Conservatives Favor Medical Marijuana Bill, Poll Shows
A Mason-Dixon poll of 500 registered Conservative Party New Yorkers shows support for legislation recently passed by the Assembly that would protect from arrest seriously ill patients who use medical marijuana with a doctor's recommendation.
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Ore. Subpoenas Worry Medical Marijuana Avocates
Federal subpoenas seeking medical records of 17 Oregon medical marijuana patients have growers and users upset and nervous even as a federal judge considers whether to throw the subpoenas out.
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Federal Raids Against Medical Marijuana To End If Democrat Elected
Federal raids of medical marijuana users will end under a Dennis Kucinich administration, implied the Democratic Presidential candidate in last night's LGBT Presidential forum. Competing candidate Mike Gravel went further by saying marijuana should be sold alongside alcohol in liquor stores and that all hard drugs should be decriminalized.
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Who Promotes Scare Propaganda About Cannabis?
There have been several scary articles in major media this week about cannabis or marijuana. The powers that be, those who control the media love to play on our fears. It makes us more accepting of their waste of our precious lives and resources.
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Yesterday Marked 70 Years of Federal Pot Prohibition
It was 70 years ago yesterday that Congress passed the first federal law outlawing marijuana. The law, the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, effectively banned the weed by establishing onerous taxes on buyers, sellers, producers, and prescribers and creating draconian penalties for noncompliance.
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Feds Strike Medical Pot Growers
A secret federal grand jury is duking it out with the state of Oregon to obtain the confidential records of some medical marijuana patients, the Portland Tribune has learned. “They threatened to arrest me if I did not cooperate with their federal investigation,” DuPay, a former Portland police detective, candidate for Multnomah County sheriff and longtime co-host of the cable access show “Cannabis Common Sense,” said, recounting his faceoff with the lead DEA agent during the raid.
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Kansas Would Benefit From Regulating Marijuana
The estimated market value of Kansas' 2006 marijuana crop was $64 million. Once a small part of the nation's farm economy, marijuana is now America's top money crop. And with an annual market value of $35.8 billion, marijuana ranks ahead of the market value of corn and wheat crops combined.
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Opposition To Medical Marijuana Is A Conspiracy To Prevent Broader Legalization
An important fact to understand about the medical marijuana debate is that the federal government knows perfectly well that marijuana is an effective medicine: *They've been providing it for decades to a select group of seriously ill patients, and continue to. So the debate over medical marijuana isn't even about whether it has medical properties. It is about something else entirely
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