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Hi All!

Been wanting to do a journal to share my experience and get valuable input from the community.

A quick summary of what we're looking at:

Strain: Aurora Indica feminized.
Bonus strain: Freebee seeds, unknown variety/gender.

Medium: Soil. Smart pots, 3 or 2 gallon (I don't need them to get huge)

Nutes: Fox farm trio

Lights Veg: Galaxy Hydro 300W LED (This light sits high up and is how I start many other seedlings, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers etc.

Lights Flower: Advanced Platinum P300 (PlatinumLED)

Location: (Flower) Indoor 4x4x6 tent. Passive intakes, inline duct fan, and carbon filter.

What else? The strain is a heavy indica which was picked to help my wife's insomnia. She's had good results with similar strains, and this seemed to be a good match.
The strain also tends to be short which suits my limited grow space.

I'll grab a camera and snap some pics to go with this description.

Lets get this show on the road!
Day 1 pictures:

Day 1 for the aurora, bean has just popped up

This Unknown strain (#1) has been above ground for about 3 weeks. Just fimmed yesterday.

This little thing is actually also 3 weeks old. Thought it was dead, but so far it's just incredibly slow. :yikes:

Trio of plants

This is the inside of the tent. Duh.
Happy that Unknown #2 started coming along. Hoping one of the unknowns turn out to be a lady.

The journal is really only meant for the Aurora plant. The other ones are just along for the ride. If anyone has any suggestions for experimentation, I can certainly entertain it for Unknown 1 and 2.

Watered unknown #1 today.
Thanks for checking in guambomb80 and Frostbourne!
No picture update, but just for the sake of jotting it down: Unknown 1 and Unknown 2 were transplanted into 2 gallon smartpots today.
Unknown 1 was really root bound and needed it badly. It should take off in the next couple days I hope.

The AI is working hard on establishing its root system. I'll snap a picture tomorrow and post it. Not a ton of change, just a little taller.
Couple pictures from this morning.

For whatever reason the AI pic uploaded sideways. :straightface:


The 2 unknowns are in their new 2 gallon homes. Maybe early for the smaller one but it seemed to have made it just fine.
Unknown 2 had some yellowing on its first fan leaves. Thinking it's because it was clearly root bound.


Should I start giving the 2 unknowns nutes already?
Thanks gb80. When the soil dries out, i'll get some nutes prepared.

Still not a ton of action with the AI. It's doing alright but as you can see we're still waiting for the real growth to kick in.

Now, Unknown 1 is looking pretty good. It's been above ground for close to a month, so I'm thinking about flowering it. Thoughts? I don't care about a big harvest since i have no idea about the strain. (That's if it even turns out female....)
Also, i'm happy about the FIM with this one. Looks like I got the right spot!


Unknown 2 is crawling along as well. Looks healthy to me, but perhaps it's just a short slow growing strain.
At any rate, I think it needs to grow a bit bigger to be considered for the flowering tent.

Thanks man. Do you think it's about the right size to flower though? I know what you mean by taking clones, but i'm more inclined to clone off the AI when time comes. i'm itching to get something in the tent.

I checked out your journals btw, that scrog is looking awesome! :thumb:

Your tent looks very similar to mine. What do you do for intake? I opened up one of the rectangular bottom vents and made a cardboard contraption to block out light. Hopefully you found a more effective way. If you have any pics I'd love to see.
You could flower now if you wanted. Most people wait till they get the ammount of tops they think will produce the ammount of flower they want. I flower some plants from rooted clone and others I take a month or two for veg. Depends on my mood that particular day I guess...:)
As far as the intake goes, I use a passive intake from the bottom of my tent. I cut a piece of the duct about a foot long, open the duct vent in the bottom and just run it through. Creates good negative pressure and dosent make for a whole lot of dust on those mesh rectangular intakes. Last thing I want to do is sit there cleaning dust off those when I clean out my tent.. haha. I'll get a pic sometime tomorrow and post one up here for you..

Oh crap, if you are talking about my 2x2 tent I do the same but run the hose at the top since I don't have a bottom intake. I'll take a pic of the mesh one also and show you why I don't like using those:thumb:
Been almost a week, but now growth is starting to pick up!
Watered the AI earlier in the week, but the 2 unknowns are still sipping on last weeks watering.
Oddly U2 seems thirstier than U1 even though it's quite a bit smaller. Maybe most the growth is in the roots?
Topped U1 again on 8/27 to get it even bushier.


Soon as pot dries out, this guy is getting nutes and put into flower.

Looking better every day. Probably attempting a FIM during the week.
Thanks gb80. Looking forward to seeing the tent setup. I tried the 4" passive intake, but the negative pressure looked quite severe. The tent looked like some high school chicks duck-face selfie, and so i decided on opening the bigger flap.
I have a 4" on the bottom and a 6" round up top that I could potentially use. Seems airflow would be better with the intake on the bottom though. Thoughts?
On my small tent I intake from the top. Was using a duct fan but shut it off when I bought a small fan to blow on the plants. Seems to be fine in my tent as the temps stay about 75*f in there. I vented the rectangular vent and it just clogged with dust after about a month. If you think there is too much negative pressure on your tent then turn the exhaust fan down a notch. If don't already, I recommend getting a fan speed controller. Give me 15 mins and I'll post the pic to my Scrogco journal.
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