Aurora Indica - Nirvana's CFL Soil

Re: Aurora Indica ~Nirvana's CFL soil

Beautiful plants. Nirvana advertises it as their strongest Indica. They also tell of it's small yield.

I've just germed 19 out of 20 Aurora Indica seeds from Nirvana...the yield according to their info page is pretty good; 400 - 500 (g/m² in SOG)

Beautiful frosty buds my friend.
All of my seeds grow into females unless they are bagseed.
The reason why they turn male (or hermie) is due to many factors (some havent been discovered yet) but the biggest cause is due simply to stress at certain specific AND varying times throughout its growth cycle.

The final yield came out to 6-8 grams...disappointed-but not surprised. also have to lose something to gain something and quality was for sure the gain!:slide:

If any of your guys live in SOCAL to illustrate the value since the camera didnt do it well enough then i think u should know this is worth about the price of the top shelf $80/8th. although, the smoke of it may surpass any kind of flower youve ever smoked in your life... amber to cloudy ratio of the trics are way off proper balance :morenutes::thumb::tokin::peacetwo:
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