Aus: Hamish Macintyre-Cathles Allegedly Found With Cannabis Hidden Between Butt Cheek

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A man who made headlines for destroying evidence by eating cannabis he had hidden in his bottom was arrested as part of the raids in Strike Force Arctic last week.

Hamish Macintyre-Cathles, 38, of Bomaderry was arrested during the operation and charged with three counts of supplying a prohibited drug, supplying prohibited drug on an ongoing basis and possessing a prohibited drug.

Police allege during last Thursday’s raids, Macintyre-Cathles, who last year was jailed after eating cannabis he had hidden in his bottom, again had drugs secreted between his butt cheeks.

Believing he may have had drugs hidden on his body, officers conducted a strip search and allegedly found a piece of tissue paper between his buttocks.

When requested to remove the item, it is alleged he pushed it into his anus.

He later admitted he had “two cones worth of cannabis†and had “panickedâ€.

He allegedly could not retrieve it when asked to and had to be taken to Shoalhaven Hospital to have the item removed.

Court papers said Macintyre-Cathles allegedly supplied 0.2 grams of methylamphetamine [ice] at the Stewart Place bus depot and 0.1 grams of ice outside the St Vincent de Paul store in Nowra on April 18 and 0.53g of ice at the IGA in Lyndhurst Drive, Bomaderry on April 20.

In December last year Macintyre-Cathles was sentenced to 15 months’ jail with a non-parole period of six months for two counts of possessing a prohibited drug, possession of a restricted substance and two counts of obstructing police.

Police found Macintyre-Cathles in a car in Nowra on May 16 last year with what police believed to be methadone.

Believing he may have other drugs, Macintyre-Cathles was told he would be searched, including a strip search and was taken to the rear of a police paddy wagon.

During the search, in which he was required to squat, it is alleged he refused to show police his anus, where officers believed he may have had other drugs secreted.

Court papers said when he finally showed officers his bottom they could see something plastic concealed.

Macintyre-Cathles denied he had anything in his anus and was taken to Nowra Police Station for further examination.

Strip searched again at the station, police could not find anything in his anus, with the Macintyre-Cathles allegedly admitting he had eaten the evidence, which he claimed was a small amount of cannabis.

Macintyre-Cathles was one of six people arrested in last week’s raids.

Graeme Ian Young, 46, of North Nowra, who police alleged was the “mastermind†of the local drug ring, faces five charges, two of dealing with property suspected of being the proceeds of crime, knowingly direct activities of a criminal group, supplying an indictable quantity of a prohibited drug and a firearms charge.

Reymar Wright, 32, of North Nowra faces 12 charges, eight counts of supplying an indictable quantity of a prohibited drug, two counts of supplying a prohibited drug on an ongoing basis, supplying a prohibited drug, commercial quantity and with knowingly participating in a criminal group.

Alison Wendy Fay Braddick, 50, of Nowra faces 10 charges, seven counts of supplying prohibited drugs, along with two counts of supplying an indictable quantity of a prohibited drug and supplying a prohibited drug on an ongoing basis.

Daniel Crump, 24, of Nowra was charged with two counts of possessing a prohibited drug, supplying a prohibited drug, and knowingly deal with the proceeds of crime.

Wright was due to face Nowra Court again on Tuesday, while the other four were all refused bail to appear in Nowra Local Court on October 17.

A 27-year-old woman, also arrested at North Nowra during the raids, was charged with two counts of taking part in the supply of an indictable quantity of a prohibited drug.

She was granted bail to appear at Nowra Local Court on September 4.

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