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Gday fellow stoners n growers! Been growing in a variety of locals on the eastern coast of Oz for what has been a (mostly) very happy 20+ years now, all outdoor, all big sativas (well maybe the occasional hybrid might creep in, but I'd soon smoke them into submission) gave me a passion for big plants, the passion for big, big buds and massive weight (42lb best year ever), that was always there.
Now after so many years of constant guerilla gardening, my health is not so good, and lugging water through the bush is a young blokes game. I have decided to do the unthinkable, the one thing I swore I would never do. Grow Fucking Hydro! I am fairly restricted in access, so I am going to have to get tricky about how I do it, and I notice there is some great stuff in some of those grow diaries. I am really keen to learn more about LED systems. I've heard they have finally come good. I know when they first come out on the market, they were complete crap! Who'd thunk it huh? Anyway, I've always wanted to try using a reticulated water system, however it's just impractical for outdoor, guerilla growing. Believe me, tried it. Impractical.
Well, I fully expect to annoy everyone in this forum with many, many, many questions (most of them about my new iPhone4) but who knows, we might just end up growing some hooter as well.

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Welcome to 420Magazine.Glad to have you a board look forwards to some of your post on hydro... :yummy:

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