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Hi Everyone,

Thought that for its first grow I would post here.

Background to Grow:

Moved to Victoria from Queensland. Bought my own strain but have crossed with Victorian seedstock. Have baptised the strain "Southern Star".
Hope everyone enjoys!

Parentage: Thai/Red Hair Skunk
Origin: Queensland/Victoria
Genotype: Indica/Sativa
Indoor Maturation: To be advised here (TBA)
Outdoor Maturation: TBA
Grow Environment: 600watt HPS for germination and vegetative. Moved outdoors for flowering.
Grow Medium : Organic, Mushroom & Worm compost using Biodynamic Fertilisers running on cycle of the moon application. 290mm pots (3 Gallon).
Odour:Strong, not recommended for indoor grow on this basis.
Plant Characteristics: Strong Indica overtones with Sativa growth pattern.
Yield: To be Advised (TBA) here in journal.
Potentcy : TBA
Effect: TBA
Taste: TBA
Grower Rating: TBA

Parent Images:


Grow Images:






I will always been a Queensland Boy myself. Just so happens that the love of my life is a Victorian girl. Guess I got sick of the little tit, big arse moles in Queensland. Was good to see us beat the roaches the other night!!!
Started using organic spray, I was more used to a chemical type, and I burnt the plant badly during week 3! Came back hard though like the champion she is!
Good to know! Cannabis is probably the most hardy plants around. If anything, people should admire it fo sho. A plant that has survived many many generations is meant to be here for a reason. ;-) + rep for solving the issue!
Current Pics

The weather has turned bad so have had to move her and my B52 grows inside. I love outdoor growing and feel cheated by the season change!!


Will keep you all updated.
Hi there foxy!!
Friend of mine in San Francisco has sent me over some Cali Orange to try out growing. I see that you have a grow of this at the moment. Is it thirsty on the nutrients during Vegetative growth? Chat soon. David
Hi everyone,

Latest pics of Aouthern Star. At the moment, with being bought back indoors, under 600watt HPS, I am seeing the start of what appears to be a male plant. Its all good though. I can use the pollen to polinate the B52, Ice, Cale Orange Bud and Q1 that is in the room.


Week 8
Hi Fuuji,

Yep they are starting now. In the room Ive got the SS, 2 B52's, a 2 plant grow in 1 pot of Bubblegum ( I got the male I was after, finally ), a 2 plant grow in 1 pot of B52 ( chasing a male again), an Ice plant, 2 Cali Orange and 2 Q1's. The light is in flowering now 10 days. Come on August!! LOL
Hi everyone,

Due to security reasons, I've had to stop the B52 and the Southern Star journals.

I'm hoping to get journals going again in late july 09.

Thank you to everyone for their kind words and words of encouragement.

Thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement.

Like the B52 grow, I couldnt bear the thought of chopping her, so I've sent her outdoors, into a Victorian winter, with 120km per hour winds here yesterday!
Let's see how the Victorian Girl handles it...

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